Keeping it Personal

There's nothing like a the personal touch for your celebration.  I totally fell for these colorfully engaging gifts.  They're bright, fun and ooze 'personal'.  One other great thing... there are all by Horshow.  One stop shopping, definitely a timesaver...I take it anytime.


The Gown Event Newsletter:: Bridal Blogger

Amy Jean {The Relentless Bride}

Pondering the unique idea of having her wedding celebration commemorated in an oil painting, by a Live Event Artist, charismatic Bridal Blogger, Amy Jean of The Relentless  Bride blog, shared (as she does with many posts about her wedding planning endeavors)  this post with her many 'Followers'.  Deciding that she could not pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity to have her wedding reception frozen in time, excitedly, Amy Jean shared her decision about this  amazing find in a post.

With great delight & enthusiasm (and permission from Amy Jean) without further ado  :: MAKING ROOM IN MY BUDGET

Yes sir-ee Bob, I found me a live event artist thanks to this post I did last week. Heidi @Heidzillas commented saying one of her brides was doing this for her wedding. I emailed her back instantly asking for more info. I didn't even know where to begin in searching for someone with this type of talent... And Luckily for me, Heidi's bride, Tara didn't mind sharing. In fact she wrote me this email with all of her live event artist's info and how she found her. And although Tara's getting married in Cleveland, Ohio... lucky for me, her live event artist is actually from Orange County, CA. And Who's getting married in the OC? ME!!!!!!!!

So i contacted Karen @Karen Wall Garrison who is a custom fine artist/muralist/live event artist just to appease my curiosity. I really didn't think I could afford this and didn't know where to cut corners to try to make this work. After a few email's back and forth, I decided having this would be worth it, and surprisingly, her rates are VERY affordable.

Here are a few more examples of her work below... and you will notice, she is the newest addition to sponsor my site. Ladies... negotiate away. I was able to wrangle a discount by bartering services with her. We all know how powerful the blogosphere could be, and Karen who is amazingly talented will also find out that blog referrals are the best and plentiful.

So visit her blog, or her site and check out her amazing work. I can't wait to memorialize our wedding with this once in a lifetime chance to get it on canvas!

{photos via here via here::specialthanx}
*{"All images are from Karen's website and used with her permission!"}

Now the real question is: Do i have her paint our ceremony or part of our reception?
What would you do?

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Planners Who Blog...

"Abby Larson is the stylish editor behind Style Me Pretty. Style Me Pretty is a style savvy wedding resource devoted to the modern bride. This refreshingly chic blog covers everything from gorgeous real weddings to up and coming vendors and seasoned pros in the invitation, floral, fashion and photography industries. They feature only the most chic and style centric wedding related content.

Launched in February of 2007, after owning Abby Jean-a couture line of wedding invitations, Style Me Pretty has become a mainstay in the wedding industry. With nods in nearly every major bridal magazine, including Real Simple Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, Elegant Weddings and Modern Bride along with features in such publications as Blog Watch in the Wall Street Journal, Style Me Pretty is one of the most read wedding resources on the web."

Wedding Expert:: Mary Dann

"As one of the most sought-after event coordinators in Southern California, Mary Dann and her team of wedding and party coordinators have been responsible for detailed event planning and creative party consultation to many corporations and couples throughout the country since 1991. They are known for their commitment to surpass their clients' expectations and have created intimate weddings and extravagant upscale affairs for a long list of clients, including many of Hollywood's elite. Dann's passion for the industry has led her down many paths, including becoming a contributing writer for "Inside Weddings" and "Ceremony" magazine..."Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" and "Married Away", both airing on the Style Network. In addition, Mary can be seen on WE Network's, "Platinum Weddings".

Mary has planned weddings for designers, writers, catering managers and for corporations like O'Melveny & Myers, Sony Music, Vogue Magazine, IMG, Nautica and Cloudbreak Entertainment. In addition she has worked on nuptials for clients from Pro Athletic Teams, such as Kobe Bryant, Austin Croshere and Malcolm Johnson.  What began with a few weddings and a staff of two has now become a high-profile business specializing in weddings with sometimes over 8 events per month and a dozen Event Managers.

Dann attributes her calming nature to her other passion -- she holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Intern. Her work with individuals and couples strengthens her listening skills, mediation ability and creative vision planning ability.

{learn more about Mary Dann Wedding Planner & Coordinators here}

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Wedding Trend

....Friday Weddings

There is a fast growing trend of betrothed couples.... tying the knot on Friday.

Wedding planners across the country are noticing an increase in Friday bookings, despite Saturday ceremonies being the norm. So what is driving this rapidly growing trend? Is it because Fridays weddings are preferred more for destinations venues or in this day of being recession-conconscious (even for Platinum wedding Brides), it is downright more economical? The general opinion of Brides, Wedding Planners and Guests holds both pros and cons.

Rather it is a couples budget parameters or the favor of many destination venues one has to ponder the effect of this new trend on, both, couples and their guests.  Will your guests welcome your Friday decision?  After all, what a better way to get a three day weekend.  Or will they scowl at the prospect of having to use a  vacation day to attend your fabulous event?  A Friday wedding affords couples loads of perks not realized before.  Reduced vendor cost may allow for an upgrade in most planning areas: an upgrade to a lavish venue and  a finer dining experience or boudoir pictures (added to your photo package).

According to a Betty Blogger, "For couples looking to get married despite the recession, a Friday booking date looks awfully appealing if costs will be lower and dreams won’t be compromised". Couples who have their sights set on destination venues as the backdrop for their wedding, are finding that Friday weddings leaves them with an entire weekend that they can spend enjoying the venue with their guests. 

One major obstacle that seems to be a recurring them to wedding held on Friday is traffic.  With more vehicles than ever on the highways, it is not entirely unheard of to have members of the bridal stuck in traffic - when they should be at the ceremony venue!  Imagine the anxiety of having a vendor late, or worse yet, stuck in traffic, with you waiting to start your big event.

Whatever the motivator for a Friday wedding, couple should take into consideration the pluses and minuses to, both them and their invited guests when selecting this trendy date.

Have you attended a Friday wedding?
What do you think about this growing trend?  Leave a comment.  I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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The Gown Event Newsletter's

Bridal Give Away of the Month {February}

Essie Nail Colours Spring 20101 Colour Collection

The Spring 2010 Color Collection from Essie Cosmetics featuress a beautiful palette of feminine shades that invoke the essence of spring. The collection features six lacquers in exciting pastel colors that would make every Bride glow. This six set collection of classy & elegant nail lacquers has a colour that is right for you and every member of your bridal party.

So how can you can be one of FIVE WINNERS of these beauties?  Well, just a few little things.  Let's  take a look::
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Once done, your name will be entered into the drawing to win this great collection of nail lacquer...
I'm eagerly waiting to hear from you!  Don't forget to spread the good news to all of your Bridal party (they can't enter the contest, but I sure would like for them to receive the newsletter and the blog :)


The ghost chair.  These clear jewels of the seat world exude opulence!  Although they come in a variety of colours, the clear {aka Ghost} rendition will quietly complements all of the other design elements that you have meticulously selected.  Regardless of your colour palette, the Ghost chair screams luxe! 
Following the classic lines of the Louis Ghost chair. The backrest is rounded, the shape evoking that of antique medallions; the simplicity and essentiality is that of the La Marie chair: the shape of the seat is more linear and geometric...

Wedi- {quette}:: What to Call the In-Laws?

                                                                                 {photo via here::special thanx}

Unsure as to what to call your future in-laws? Up until your engagement, you've been addressing them in a certain manner. So after the wedding and when you are officially related), what then?

Emily Post, the guru of etiquette advises that you continue to address them exactly the way that you have been. You have been addressing them in a manner that is acceptable to them, continue to do so until they suggest otherwise.  Some  married couples refer to their in-laws by their first names.  If prior to the wedding you are referring to your in-laws in a formal way, perhaps (after you are married and your in-laws have not suggested a less formal address) you can ask them what they would like for you to address them.  The main objective here is to establish a form of salutation that is comfortable and respectful to all parties.

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The Bride Wore a Tattoo...

These exquisite jewel-encrusted luv-lies from Harry Winston's collection definitely put a smile on my face.  With a tattoo-like flavor, these brooches make the grade as 'something new'!  I like the thought of adorning the cake with one of thes prized gems?  Or, clipped in just the 'right' place on your already eye-popping gown...piece du resistance. 
Where would you place this must-have adornment?
Me likey...how about you?


Happiness on a Stick


How can you not smile with glee when you look at these?  Great as props, especially for candid pictures.  How fun are these?  Aptly named as smitten sticks, I can easily imagine endless laughter, fun and frolicking. 
Too casual for your wedding?  Then maybe for a bridal shower or girl's night out.  I can surely see these adoreably playful  props being endlessly photographed in polaroids.   



{photo via here::special thanx}

De *liteful!
Is there any other way to describe this colour palette?
 How do you describe it?


{Luv} Note

  Remember when you passed love notes like this (sans the cotton hanky)  through your classmates- in hopes that it would land in the hands of that one crush?   This would make a cute, nostalgic 'something old' .  Tucked away in an amazing clutch?
What do you think?



and just when you thought the the shrug had seen its better days, Holly teases us with the vintage-inspired, luxe pieces. 

{find it here}