Carry On...

~~~Min·au·dière *~~
A small ornamental case for a woman's cosmetics, jewelry, or personal items that is often carried as a handbag.

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This dainty little gem is a definite in classy vintage arm candy.  Arrival at your wedding with this  D. Evans Case Co. of Massachusetts ~ minaudiere ~ a vintage little art deco {luv}-ly that will leave them swooning. 

The Parisian firm Van Cleef & Arpels is credited with the introduction of the minaudière ~~ a vanity case that would come to be synonymous with the Art Deco period.

First created in 1930, it featured a compartmentalized interior & served as a multi~functional handbag, vanity case & purse. They were commonly outfitted with mirrors, lipstick holders, powder compacts, and a place for a key, coins, or even cigarettes.

Swoon on people.  Swoon on...

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