BLACK is The New White...In Bridal Haute Couture

Hot off of the fashion runways of Paris! Sweeping our Parisian Brides by storm- is the new colour trend in Bride's haute couture----BLACK bridal gowns. Throughout the centuries, tradition has dictated that well-dressed Bride's are presented on their wedding day clothed pristinely in lavishly elegant white wedding dresses.

Taking their lead from the emulated, fashion forward Parisian couture world, elite designers of bridal wedding wear have begun to send their decadent, trendsetting BLACK bridal
gowns down many of the cities well-attended Runway shows. In the forefront of this colour revolution is noted French dress designer, Max Chaoul , whose stunning black and white, softly tiered, ultra-femine gown is featured in the picture, above left.
The Bride that presents herself to her awaiting groom-in the elegantly strapped bodiced gown of French dress designer Creation-Bochet (seen above right), will leave her Groom breathless & her invited guests awe-stricken and envious.
The black wedding dress, like "the little black dress" is the main staple of independent thinking, fashion savvy, "I am my own Woman"--- Bride.
And while some of your guests will gaze in utter disbelieve, the truths that they will have to admit about a BLACK dress are: you can never go wrong in designer black dress, a black dress is always sophicated, every woman can pull off the classic look of the black dress, AND all other opinions aside---a well tailored black dress always makes its wearer a slimming site for sore eyes!!!


For The Grown & Sexy...

I L-O-V-E music !!!! There is something about music that transcends all things. Like a well written book - music takes you - physically, emotionally, psychologically, etc...) to places that soothe, stimulate and move you. Although my love for music runs the gamut from blues/country to classic/baroque (yes, baroque :), it is JAZZ that is the genre that I turn to to get my "GROWN & SEXY" on!!!
So, I'm surfing through some of my favor networking sites and, even before the site is fully loaded, I get an aural pleasure that sends me into my vass mental musical library...."Who is this?... This tune is the "hit"...I know this sound..." And as the site became more visible and the sounds more sweet, realized that I did recognize the sassy sounds of pianist extraordinaire- BRIAN O'NEAL. The site opens with the powerfully mesmerizing tune, aptly titled, "Mesmerimized".--doing just enough to get the mood started. And when I thought that the rhythm couldn't get any more "Grown & Sexy", he breaks into the soft and sultry sounds of "Autobahn". Following is-"Daisy", the upbeat and sassy tribute to the memory of his Grandmother. Keeping the mood 'right there...' is the melodic and sensual sound of "It's Personal". Brian must have known that his grateful listening audience really did not want this musically, delightful experience to end - and so he offers, as his final musical acoutrement -"No Words Necessary" to remind you that you have experienced the aurical world of the "Grown & Sexy".
Brian hails from West Bloom, Michigan. He is, by profession, a consummate musician - a composer, producer and keyboardist. Listed as one of his many musical objectives is to gain more exposure in the public arena. His forte' is musical production ( BCO Media, Inc) - writing jingles, film scores and radio/television commercials.
Experience the montage of sounds that is Brian O'Neal . Perhaps you will commission Brian O"Neal to write and perform the perfect song for your upcoming Special Event!!!