Your Cup of {Jo}...

{photo via .Pink::special thanx}

Have you told each other that your are all that and a splash of cream?


Just The Right Fit...

Have you uttered these words before?

You've purchased that jaw-dropping gown that will magically and instantaneously transform you into 'Belle of the Ball'. Don't let the improper fit of your undergarments be the 'black eye' your otherwise, enviable attire. Macy's offers a service that will guarantee that you will be radiant in your stunning gown...from the inside out.

Girls Day Out For Charity...

The Ford Motor Company has renewed its fifteen year commitment toward fighting breast cancer. You and your bridal party can join in the fight, while spending a great day together. Gather up everyone, don your sneakers and personalized tee shirts {decked out in your theme colours, declaring your wedding information} and get started.
They say that charity begins at home, so what a great way to start your married life...even before the "I Do".


Bridal Soiree...ala' Ruby Press

{photos via Joel Flory::special thanx}

The dynamite divas over at Ruby Press held an elegant Bridal Soiree last week. Here are some pictures from the event to peak. I'm sure that you'll find something that inspires your design diva.

{Eye}'m In...

{photos via Julia::special thanx}

I love the allure of the makeup style of these photos. Fresh. Clean. They practical yell, "style me summer {wedding}


Celebrity Apprentice Style Jewelry...

After advancing to The Celebrity Apprentice final, savvy business woman & celebrity Joan Rivers steeled herself for the competition of a lifetime. With grace, poise, integrity and style, she outsmarted, outwitted and played world reknown poker champion Annie Duke. By the show's end, it was all but obvious the good won over evil, rendering Joan this season's Celebrity Apprentice.

Here's my question... were you paying attention to the fabulous gems that Joan wore during the entire series? These pieces were stunning and beyond flattering. Granted, if you are meek at heart and do not like the attention, then these, larger than life jewels are not for you. But of course, with your wedding just around the corner, you definitely want to shine brighter than that two carat ring that your fiance' gifted you with.

The great news...you too, can sport these over the top, celebrity status pieces from Joan's "Board Room Collection" on your day. What's that? Oh...the price? Can you say 'economic stimulus affordable'? Start ordering now so that you will be sure to sport them on your 'red carpet' day.


There Goes the Bride...

{Cast of the Rainbow Dinner Theatre's "There Goes the Bride:" Rachel Blauberg as the bride with assorted wedding guests Craig A. Smith (left), Theresa Walker, Joe Winters, Sherry Konjura, Scott Russell, Lois Sharrott and John DeLancey}

If you find yourself in or near Central Pennsylvania, more specifically--Lancaster, PA, you must stop in at The Rainbow Dinner Theatre to see this frantically funny comedy about love, marriage and the 'upper crust'. Now playing, this amusingly hilarious comedy started 5 May, and runs to 1 August. Go and join this spectacular cast of characters for the wedding of the year! As a socially prominent family prepares to wed their daughter to the son of an equally upper-crust set of in-laws to be, what's the worst that could happen?
You can't even imagine!
After an unexpected whack on the head, the father of the bride begins seeing a 1920's flapper, unfortunately no one else can! This makes the new in-laws very nervous and when the bride lets slip that she is already acquainted with the birds and the bees, the wedding is almost called off. Just when you think it's on, it gets called off again and again, each time for reasons zanier than the last. RSVP with your reservation for one of the funniest shows in years.


Keeping the {Bridezella} in check...

This one is for the Groom...

So you finally got down on that one knee and proposed. You tell yourself, this woman is the love of my life. The very element of my being. The reason that I live each day. She has restored your faith in this thing called love, by being the rock that you have come to depend upon when the time are hard, when you need a rationale, unbiased opinion. This soft, tender understanding person has supported, both, your great decisions and your not-so great decisions. All this, with a smile.

So who is this 'bridezella' and where do they nap? Certainly your gentle, kind and emotionally supportive Bride does not, nor could ever fit the bill of being a "Bridezella"!

Well, for all of you fella's who are scratching your heads and wondering how this impossible, attitudinal, mean tempered, short fused woman is made-- here is the formula::

Yes Guys, the moment you put that eye-catching diamond on your otherwise, reasonable woman, you may have stirred up the ingredients of a real "Bridezella"! Your otherwise soft and loving woman when given the opportunity to don that spectacular once-in-a-lifetime gown is elevated to a tempermental, out of control, attitude-Goddess {to the third power!}. Add in the nine months to a year of planning that you have ahead of you---you have the formula for a monster-sized "Bridezella".

So now what? How do you maintain your sanity, not to mention your composure, when you are dealing with this out of control, temperamental women {that you have fallen in love with and wish to spend the rest of your life}? My friends have just the answers for you. With strategies that will teach you how to save yourself, quell the temperment and help her keep her eyes on the prize, you will be armed {heavily} with the ammunition that you need to get you down the altar and onto the honeymoon! Act fast before you are turned into a sniffling pile of compliant mush!

Wedding Buzz...

Lindsay Bonamassa (The Wedding Library), Mark Ingram (The Bridal Atelier); Ron Ben-Israel (Ron Ben-Israel Cakes), Mel Barlow; Darcy Miller (Martha Stewart Weddings)

{photos via AllanZepeda::special thanx}

Lindsay Bonamassa, from the sassy & informative blog, The Wedding Library Buzz, held a beautiful bridal cocktail at the amazing, upscale Metropolitan Club. Some of the bridal industries heavy hitters turned in full force to showcase their wears. If you did not make it this year, be sure to stroll over to Lindsay's site and sign up for their newsletter. While you're there, purchase your very own 'Wedding Library Card' and be one of the first to get discounts on products and services supported by The Wedding Library.


Fantasy Fashion...

{photo via Fashionbox::special thanx}

Are your wedding dreams really fantasies of a light ethereal event? Leaning more towards that fairie-tale theme? The above pictures should help you get started in the creative thinking area. This look emphasizes very soft feminine fabrics {think velvet, taffetta, dupioni silk} done a large scale {think billowy, overflowing, costom-like, excessive floral/ruffles, and corsets} with prints that are unusual for fashion attire {think plaids, paisley, over-the-top textured & bejeweled}. With this look, remember that everything else on your planning plate, the success is in the details.


J. Crew does


Can't do without one of these simply elegant gowns? Click on the picture.