So Long Winter....

The Groom Gets a Cake?

Anne Heap's success at Pink Cake Box has opened up the door for Pink Cake Box to serve a wide variety of clients including corporate events, bridal shows, wedding cakes for the renowned Park Avenue Club of NJ, and local charities in the Morristown, NJ area. Her wedding cakes have also been featured in several national and local magazines including Modern Bride, Brides NJ, NJ Bride, People Magazine, and Morris magazine.{direct editorial from Lorraine Ash of the Daily Record }

Everyone is fully aware that the crowning jewel at a wedding reception is the ceremony cake. And we are also aware that, throughout the planning process, the bride will typically get her fair share of this delicious dessert.
But are you aware that, historically, the groom is also entitled to his own cake {a.k.a} The Groom's cake?
Below are just a sampling of Anne Heap's Groom's Cakes that have been pleasing couples who frequent her New Jersey shoppe.

for the B-K lover in him

'... I'm coming to get you my love...'

for the groom whose reality if 'Sci-Fi'

he'll strum a few bars...

Judging from the testimonials from Anne's more than satisfied customers, this pastry stylist will be making grooms happy for many years to come. {FYI} to guarantee that your specialty cake is ready for its debut, be sure to contact Anne early in your planning phase.
Here are a few tips to make you cake tasting delectable :: {1} obtain a flavor list from the pastry chef {2} bring photos... {again} bring photos of your cake vision {3} in love with your pastry chef's rendition of your cake--'sign the contract' {4} your {planner} will handle to the details of delivery & return of rented items {5} let your cake be the crowning jewel at the reception {6} ... and 'let them eat cake'...


Some things are just {pretty} ....


Well, I finally did it !!! It was the allure of the crowd, the appeal of the jargon... okay, okay... it was plan old-fashioned curiosity. I had to see what the hoopla was about surrounding this new fangled McPhone!!! After caressing this wonder of the electronic age {I've been watching those close to me who seem very enamoured by it all} I too became transfixed by the ease which which I could move from one function to the other. Amazing !!! just flick your finger and the screen rolls with the smoothness of melting butter on a hot crust roll !!! As I tried one function after another after another.... I found myself slowly formulating the many reasons that I needed this {wonder} gadget. One hour later, as the assistant in this media boutique awakened me from my ponderings with these few words ...'Miss, are you going to take it, because we will be closing in a few minutes'. As I snapped back to reality, I quickly responded- " I need to get Cryssi's opinion about this..."


Like Google ...

PEARLS OF WISDOM, LLC Turns off the lights for EARTH HOUR

... now it's turn

It's {Personal} again...

The appeal of this bottle of 'vinho verde' is that the {CUP} = personalized {LABEL}. Designer-Viktor Pucsek created this unique vessel for the 'PapaMama Design' competition. These labels = cups are true to the belief that wine should be enjoyed anytime... and your guests will always remember your special day *
{photos:: via Yanko Design}

the entire bottle becomes an elegant 'must keep' as it sports your event's important information directly etched {forever} on the bottle ... *unforgettable * ... in case there is something left in the bottle, top it off, in style with a {wine stopper} monogrammed especially for you *



{Manners} + {Confidence} + {Style} = {SWAGGER}

Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead

This is a great read !!! I ran across this {MAN} ual of etiquette while perusing my local bookstore (my other love). Lauded by Cameron Diaz as "...of all the gentlemen that I have known, Fonzworth Bentley {a.k.a. Derek Watkins} is the most refined of them all. His style is flawless... his etiquette impeccable... and his swagger timeless." "The right book at the right time written by the right man.", a la Russel Simmons.

This book can very well be the quintessential reference for the well-groomed, cultured man.

Alan Flusser, author & president of Alan Flusser Designs concludes that "... Master Fonzworth's words of advice are, both, timely and thoughtful... could turn any sow's ear into a silk purse, any frog into a prince."

Inside, you will advice on everything from "the magic of 'Please and Thank You' " to 'Bent Hints' - "little things to keep in mind for any occasion".

Ladies, your beau will {thank you} ...

The {Honour} of your Company....

My friend and respected, fellow Event Planner - Isis Petrie - at {Posh Events} has added me to her Blog Roll :: {Destination...Soiree} !!!

I am very excited and grateful to part of her line-up !! As a 'blog roller' here at my spot, I regularly visit Isis' blog. Her entries are always fresh, refreshing, insightful and very witty!!

Again, I graciously thank {Isis} for the listing ::
... and now my friends... he-e-re's {Isis} ::

{Isis }
"Planning is my PASSION! A New York native and self-professed shopaholic, I am the owner of POSH Events, LLC-a Southern NJ based Event Planning Firm which specializes in planning unique events with signature style!"

things that i am {loving} now... tips + toes

this {floral} is so-o-o ultra feminine... J. Crew delivers again...

.... and again... the lime is {o-o-oh la la}... so-o-o J. Crew...

Orly does nails just for {Brides}... with their JUST BRIDES lacquers...

{diamond} = {eclectic}


Premiere of Christian's first {designer} dress...

a Christian {designer} dress + your {bridesmaid}...

Last night, I, delightfully & unexpectedly, got a glimpse of the first dress - post Project Runway, designed by Christian Siriano. Seen on Kimberley Locke, of American Idol fame, during a television performance.
The reviews are mixed, but if you can spare a {cool} $1,000 or so, you can BID to own this sure to be a 'must own' wardrobe piece. The Clothes Off Our Back is auctioning this showpiece; in which the proceeds will benefit Camp Heartland {a camp for children who are impacted by HIV/AIDS}.

more about Christian...
more about Kimberley...
more on Camp Heartland...

{more} of the things that i am loving now...

sizzling personalized seating for your next event seating...no chair covers required

blackberry...anything !!! you will never miss a vendor call again...

for the {green} wedding in you..

Hollywood Regency Redux...{?}

Hollywood has, if nothing else, succeeded in {inspiring}::

{the illusion of draping as a concept = your reception venue}

{1::this beautiful grecian pattern = stationery inspiration 2:: clean lines + the coolness of a monochromatic white on white space = {tres} chic event space 3: you + ultra-feminine dress = retro elegance}

{the ornate simplicity of the door = a pristine cake inspiration}

Jennifer Dwyer of *The Peak Of Chic*- has found the answer about this nouveau French Empire style of design, that takes its inspiration from ancient Greek and Romain architecture
{read more...}


DANCE like Everyone is Watching...

and All eyes are on you and your new life's partner. What are your plans for your all important {First Dance}? ::

{**heads up::after selecting the link, click on 'back button' in toolbar to
return to blog...*}

{Waltz} to Straus...

{Foxtrot} to Sinatra,

a passionate {Tango}, or

a lively Jive

...whatever your choice...make it a {SHOWSTOPPER} !!!

the future of Bridal attire... {?}

i know that things go full circle, but balloons at a {Wedding}...just tell me it isn't so*

...the designer had to be *winded* by the finish of these designs....

things that i am {loving} now: Part Tres

can never have too much * Prada* ... i'm in { heaven }...

candy of the gods!!!! { ohhh..la la }

clean + classic = {of course}...the gap

this cycle takes spinning to a whole other level..look ma! no seat!!

with a name like {lolita} --it has to smell luscious!! had to buy it. *it's every bit {lolita}*