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Remember, Jenna, the phenomenal calligrapher...and bride-to-be? Well, she has friends in high places, that she has shared her wedding theme & gown inspirations with. Here's a sneak peek. I adore the not-to-girly but oh-so feminine pink colour theme that is subtly laced throughout. And who said that you can't have fun with serious subject matter? From the whimsical carnival theme {tickets, balloons, hand dipped soft ice cream, juggler & cotton candy} to the sweet sensational delights {of tulle, candy, ribbons, polka dots, lace & pearls} this event promises to have lots of light-hearted fun...the Grown & Sexy way!!!
I am soooo there!!


Not for the {Font} of heart...

{photos via LoveJenna::special thanx}

The invitation sets the mood for the entire wedding.... This is sooo very true. The style, colour, texture, lettering and righ down to the design that you choose, gives your guest a hint of what is to come. This being true, the {luv}-ly stationery above will have your guest drooling in anticipation of the elegantly grande affair that you have planned for them. Calligrapher and bride-to-be, Jenna, is the phenom behind the hand scripted artistry of this stationery jewels. Her style is big, bold, daring and visually pleasing.
With all of the lettering & printing options available to bedeck your stationery needs, try something 'old school' for a very new and refreshing look.


Makeover Demo...

Trying to find the ideal look for your upcoming wedding celebration? Don't have time to shop around for just the right look? My friends over at Taaz have made your makeover worries just a little less. Stop by and use their virtual makeover program to help you find that picture perfect look. Select the photos that they have or really personalize your experience and upload your photo. Getting started is really easy. And when you find that photo perfect makeover, one click of a button, and your makeover is saved! See for yourself...



Make the {Short} Cut...

{photos via SexyRedFrame::special thanx}

Looking for a new 'do to complement that perfect gown? Not sure if you want to wear it swept up into that beautiful french roll or to cut it into a sassy bob? Although shoulder length plus hair has many advantages {can we say, 'this stuff is dirty and I just don't know what to do with it?...*light bulb moment... a chignon or french roll! that's the ticket'}, short and closed crop speaks volumes.

A short cropped style, like those above, says that you are NOT your hair. Short coifs loudly announce that , 'I am sassy, bold and chic'! Short cuts are just plain classic.

What do you think? I'd like to hear from you...short and sassy or long and luxe?


{D.I.Y.} LCD Invites...

These great D.I.Y. cards are long on, both, ingenuity and techno-chic. Letterpressed L.C.D. display allow you to color your own unique message. Available at Present and Correct, each card has space for 16 characters. A fun to the touch card printed on recycled paper with a kraft style envelope fits the bill for any Bride going green.


{Flowery} Things...

Now that Spring is here, full throttle, why not stop and smell the flowers. These floral treats are great for beach weddings or as unique gifts for the ladies in your bridal party.


Mini {LUV}....

Looking for a gown that is just a little bit nontraditional? Not interested in shocking your elderly grandmother or being bathed in a sea of accusatory whispers as you promenade down the aisle? Do want to be remembered for, amongst other bridal elements, having a uniquely elegant, truly feminine, jaw dropping, "that dress it beautiful" gown?
The following gowns will give you just that reaction. Try raising the hem on your gown and your guests will sure to gaze in admiration and inspiration for your daringly stylish choice.


Real Weddings...

Kelsha & Makeever...Raleigh

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Saturday Inspirations....Typography

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Saturday Inspirations....{Typography}

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