Linen {Jewelry} ::

Add the 'WOW' factor to your table!! This exquisite jewelry for your linen will certainly give your guests a lot to talk about, while they wait for you & your husband to get the party started!!

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Just Desserts...

Looking for the ultimate in adult culinary delights for your cocktail hour, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, girlfriend soiree' or, as a favor for your guest? Then you are definitely looking for this bakery delight described by Zondre Morris, the mastermind behind this very adult dessert, as an "infusion of delectable cakes with classic coctail drinks to produce a mature & classy dessert". Cocktail Cakes come as bundt cake styled cakes or in your classic cupcake shape. With ingredients such as fruits, nuts, spices and the *magic* ingredient--liquers, these lovelies can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. You don't imbibe, simple...order a 'virgin' Cocktail Cake. !Yummy :D !




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{Marital} Reads...

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Corsage {Candy}...

These whimsical, albeit, functionally 'pin gems' are great for securing the corsages of your bridal party in place. Show your party that you really care by giving them these great 'I'm thikning about you' "security pins". If d.i.y. is not your thing, you can purchase them here.Don't forget to ask about customization of these gems.


{Wed} iquette Wednesday

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You can call me...
Once he pops the question, today's bride has many, many choices and decisions to make. Some of those decisions, in weddings past, were considered 'no brainers'. The usual big decisions are {in no specific order}: when is the event? where will the event be held? who will be invited?, etc... The decision that was once always taken for granted has been the taking of the husband-to-be's sir name by his bride.
Play it forward to...let's say...ahhh...today! The taking of the groom's sir name is no longer a given. Bride's, for a number of reasons, are opting to do some ingenous manuevering with this issue of 'self-title'. Some of questions that today's brides ask themselves when they are trying to find a solution to this new name game are: do I take his sir name?hyphenate?don't hyphenate?make my sir name a middle name & add his as a last name?don't take his name at all? ...Oh the choices!! If you are grappling with this issue, perhaps a little insight from this article may help you out. But, in the mean time...good luck with this detail.

Beauty and the Heel::

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I spotted these lovelies several months ago in a fashion magazine. When they reappeared here, I just had to try a pair to see what all of the hoopla is about. Well, not only do these gem of a heel cover offer fantastic protection from the elements, they look great doing it!! Great for beach, grassy or rainy day events, these are a necessary detail that will get your footwear through to the end of your event with style.

{Bridal} Blog of the day::

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Kelly does an amazing job of delivering everything {VINTAGE} bridal. I {heart} this site. So nostalgic. Ah-h-h-h*


Great 'Passport' Stationery

Looking for the perfect {read = personalized,unique} stationery that will inform your guests about your destination wedding event? Try this professional looking passport stationary created at Aylee Designs. With your personalized touches, your invites automatically become one of a kind.
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directions and templates can be found here

{Guest} list Optional::

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Historically, the idea of eloping for one's wedding was thought of as scandalous. It raised many questions in the community as to the motive of the couple's action. With the average wedding budget today,weighing in at $30,000 it seems hardly 'scandalous' to many soon-to-be-married couples. Even though gas prices are on the decline {not enough!}, everything else in our economic is not jumping on the downward economic slide bandwagon. If you and your mate have been struggling with the ideal of eloping vs a 'traditional' wedding, the following article may help you in your decision. This just may be the ideal option for your wallet!

Beautiful Napkin Holder...

I found these beautiful D.I.Y. napkin holders while blog strolling here.
They are dainty to include any of your upcoming showers or dinners. And, because they are d.i.y., the templates are listed below. Enjoy!

Template here & here


Gifts outside of the box...

I've run into this {very} funny, but useful drinking cup all over the net. I laughed the first time that I saw it and I continue to laugh every time I see it. They make great cups for adults, but I can see the children {if they make it onto your guest list} having non-stop fun with these cuties.

.... enter these cuties! Now I know that they have them being modeled by a guy, but again, I see them keeping the little ones busy for hours during the reception. If this is the thing for your event, purchase is easy through the internet.

{Martini} Monday

Pink Guava Martini

How to::
1 oz Wyborowa Premium Vodka
1 oz Euphoria Pink Guava Liqueur
Mix ingredients together in a shaker and serve in a tall martini glass over ice.

Yield: 1 cocktail

The Majic* is in the Brand..

{Couture} Photography::
We've visited the subject of photo styling for your wedding pics before. We've Trashed the Dress, blinged the Rings and have taken it to the Sheets. Here's the thing, every bride is looking for that 'majic' {mispell intended} that will brand her event as 'the bomb event of the decade'! Why not make your brand in the detail--photo op detail. At one time or another, we've all dropped in on America's Top Model, and oogled at the unique, off the 'mo-heezy' photo shots that the models are put through. And, okay, we may not be fifty feet tall, but that's not the point. The point-- what takes these beauties to the next level is not only the amazing make up {that for another post} or the to-die-for couture clothing, {BUT}, the fantastically imaginative styling of their photo shoots!!. So, while you are checking off the credentials {albeit important} of your event photographer, add photo style to your checklist of 'must haves'.


Oprah's December edition of 'O' has all the trappings of the perfect bridal resource. The edition features some of the sleakest women's apparrel and haberdashery. Meant to showcase the holiday season's finest wears, these awesome outfits are fit for any soiree'. And to make sure that your makeup is fabulous, she's included a three step process to 'stunning' eyes!
Fancy Footwork...to dance the night away
Three steps toward that perfect, stunning 'Cocktail' eye...

{photo via 'O' Magazine}

{Blue} Chucks ::

If you are like most brides, comfort on your day is key. Now, it may not be your bridal style to sport these whimsical {read- ultra comfortable} puppies during your entire ceremony, your toes will certainly {luv} you when you slip into these! This classic Chuck Taylor can be personalized to include:: your wedding date, tag line, and {new} matrimonial monogram. For the bride who wants the ultimate in comfort for the sole, this is the 'something blue' for you*


{ Bridal } Blog of the week...

I must admit, I've been grossly delinquent at showcasing my weekly picks for the Bridal Blog of the week. It's not that I have not been on the {blog} stroll looking. Trust me, I have, and they've all been fantabulous- to say the least!

So without further ado, I bring you 'That Bride'. Loaded with lots of practical bride advice, makes this is such a great read. Unfortunately for us, this wonderful bride blogger has transformed into the Mrs. , so I am not certain if she will continue to blog as a bride-to-be (but why would she?). Well, for now, at least, she has left her always informative, easily funny blog intact! {ENJOY}

Saturdays are for {Friends}::

This post is for all of the moments during and after the planning of your big event that you may need to remind yourself of the beauty of {friendship*}::


It's Friday-y-y!

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