It's not Business... It's Personal...

Resource One:Peter Starck 'Ghost Chairs'

Hosts of today's Events are getting personal !!! Gone are the bland bouquet table and dull chairs of yesteryear. Event and Party Vendors are giving Guests "Something To Talk About"!!! There are thousands of ways to

personalize your event. Everything from the mood relayed to your invited Guests, when they receive their cus-
tomized invitations, to the
roadster used to take you away from your "never to be forgotten soiree", is now receiving the signature touch of the event host/planner. From lighting to table accoutrements, it's all about what is you !!! Custom table linen and embellishments are not longer taking a back seat". (Sash Pendant: here and below -Fabric Jewelry)

Linens and chair treatments are being given as much attention as centerpieces, favors and table elements. Above are a small examples of how you can '' dress up" your table and make it one of the 'WOW' factors of your event. Elements of this trend run the gamut of whimisical - like the martini pendant- to elegant, like that of the exquisitely bejeweled sash pendant above. Both of these 'must-have items' are available at Fabric Jewelry. Peter Starck's-"Ghost Chair" - one of many of the unique chair selections available at New York-based- Resource One- delivers a clean, uncluttered look while enhancing custom lighting. And for that 'Art Deco' soiree (seen above, far right)...Victorious Events of New York delivers on the latest in fabric--spandex!!

With so many choices of elements that you can use to make your event your signature... the event world can safely say that "bland" is definitely not a choice!!

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Things That I'm Loving Now...

Here are a few of .... MY FAVORITE THINGS....

Glittery, chocolate oral sensations from Bedazzle My Bonbons. Described by the company as "Chocolates for the Fabulous...and slightly naughty", this treat is guaranteed to "open up a world of oral fantasy, like no other chocolate has before....

The jeweled tie tack, The Bosom Button is the perfect way to secure a low blouse or party

dress that otherwise would gape with every movement. Better than the smalliest safety pin, about the size of a dime- these glistening decolletage' 'centerpieces' are the perfect solution to life's clothing malfunction. Sold in sets of three, these gems also do double-duty as wardrobe embellishments....

Rain or Shine delivers just the right cover for your Event's- "Plan B" backup plan. This whimsical weather tamer brings smile to the faces and hearts of even the pickiest Bride. The pagoda parasol has been described as a graphic way to shade your day...

Juliet Ames Breaks plates for a living... the plate breaking resulted in a whimsical mosaic mailbox.
From the broken plates, Juliet crafts jewelry...earrings, necklaces, brooches, pendants, etc. She sells her wares through Etsy - an on-line market place for handmade goods. The unique jewelry finds its origin in salvaged plates that Juliet finds in her travels. At times, she wakes to find plates left at her doorstep by 'silent' lovers of her art. Lately she's has been working with broken Wedding Plates, producing necklaces for single friends of the Brides.



Things That I'm Loving Now...

Through a process known as spherification, bars will soon
be able to serve tiny edible balls filled with Cointreau into
a Cosmopolitan or a flute of Champagne....
more (by Pete Wells-N.Y.TIMES)

Serve your decadent sweet treats with this "nine inch heel". Okay, so it's not really nine inches of stilletto, but it's nothing short of "clever". "Soled" by Uncommon Goods, they describe this whimsical, but extremely functional, creation as-

"Slide this sexy server under your cake to formalize any event. This stunning stainless steel cake server has a magnetic "heel" on its handle that transforms this utensil into a size seven slide shoe. The heel comes off for serving and washing, but isn't everything a little bit sexier in a heel?"

Form really does follow function...and oh so cleverly!!! *wink*

A few favorites from MOMA

How about this "uber" finger candy? The jewel on the left is a metallic "diamond" and the rendition seen below is made from acrylic. These would

surely make a pleasant surprise on the ring bearer's pillow. Or what a delight serving double duty as a place card/favor for you guests. The Max.5 Book Light can also pull double duty. Let's see,... cluster several on your guest tables, in a dimly lit room and... or... set them at your guests place setting, couple with the latest read and...
or... well, as I said, the possibilities are endless...!!!!


Surviving the "Little" Stuff...

Every great "Game Plan" has a backup plan. A.K.A., "Plan B", "Rain Plan", "Go To Plan" or "Survival Plan". While planning your Event, your Event Coordinator is sure to have his/her own- "Survival Kit" that will rare its head in times of dire need. Your Coordinator's kit is only used to rescue those situations that have, otherwise been carefully planned for, but fall under the catagory of "Murphy's Law". We, Coordinators know, that if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. And the best-laid plans will not stop that which is inevitably going to occur. Our Survival Kit's is our silent assistant. As such, it's job is to assist us in producing an Event that is seamlessly flawless. We keep various and sundry items that are capable of performing multiple duties...if called upon to do so. For example, clear nail polish works double-duty to save stockings that have minor runs; as well as, its traditional use of covering talons , for a clean, just manicured appearance. Krazy glue functions to, both, re-attach broken nails, repair broken shoe heels and/or for almost all "broken" situations.

To the rescue...for those couples who want to possess the trade secret...three 'Must-Have' Survival Kits :
"The Wedding Day Survival Kit"

The "Get Hitched without a Hitch- Grooms Kit"
The "Bridesmaids Essential Survival Kit"


Not Afraid to Flaunt their Curves....

By RUTH LA FERLA published:February 21,2008
Natasha DaSilva, in search of a decidely
womanly wedding dress, tries on a gown by Pnina

Tornai at the Kleinfeld bridal salon in Manhattan.

Todays Brides are not afraid to flaunt their well chiselled, curvy bodies...even if the item draping those curves is a Wedding Dress. Gone are the days of the pristine, predictable , virginal white wedding attire (see earlier site post - "...Haute Bridal Couture": 1/27/08) ...read more from today's New York Times...

Crate and Barrel Wedding Party Events...

Crate and Barrel is hosting a series of Wedding Party events to help you with entertaining as newlyweds and a look at their latest registry guide. They’ll provide food and drinks which is generally enough to get me out to an event. Click through to their website to see if the Crate and Barrel near is hosting a Wedding Party.



"YOUR NAME could be CHOSEN for Royal Caribbean's new Project Genesis SHIPS!

Enter your ideas for a chance to win a cruise for you and a guest. The new Project Genesis ships will provide opportunies to personalize and customize your cruise experience with more activities and services than ever before.

In YOUR search for the PERFECT NAME, just think of two corresponding names ending in "of the Seas" (for example, Freedom of the Seas) that doesn't necessarily refer to size or grandeur, but that speaks to the most fulfilling vacation of your entire life."

The last opportunity to submit names is 11:59pm February 29, 2008. USA TODAY will announce the name of one Finalist every Friday starting March 14. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced on or before May 31. For complete details and the official rules, please click here. "

Finalists will each receive winning prizes !!! see prizes



"WILL YOU MARRY ME?"...Essence Magazine picks a WINNER

Eugene T. Glover and Kendra Schuler are the 2008 winners of the " Will You Marry Me?" proposal contest held by Essence magazine and sponsored by Tiffany Jewelers... read more


Body & Soul ... Body Challenge...

BODY & SOUL 30 Day Challenge

My friends at The Pink Peapod blogspot has done it again !!! They found a healthy, appetite fulfilling weight management challenge. It is the Martha Stewarts's 30 Day Body Challenge...

Check it out... and start winning today !!!




These are the words song by sultry songstress Mary J. Blige as she descibes her limitless love for the man in her life.

There are no limitations on love, so why should there be limits on the florals that you choose to express that love on your Wedding day. Incorporate flowers into your ceremony whose "meanings" reflect the love that is felt between you and your life's love.

Customize your Wedding Day floral displays by visiting non-traditional venues for unsurpassed creative ideas. One such venue to put at the top of your 'must visit' list - Philadelphia's "FLOWER SHOW 2008".

This much awaited event, produced by The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, with the rhythmic theme of "JAZZ IT UP!" is scheduled for a March 2-9, 2008 launch.

The SCHEDULE is a follows:
Sundays, March 2 & 9, 8 am-6 pm
Monday-Friday, March 3-7, 10 am-9:30 pm
Saturday, March 8, 8 am-9:30 pm
The Location for this lavish event:
Pennsylvania Convention Center
12th & Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19107
"The THEME of the 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show, will inspire the most winter weary visitors as they enter the Show to the swinging sounds of N'awlins". Hundreds of exhibitors, spread throughout the vass exhibition hall, promise to offer "Jazzed Up" gardens and floral displays that are guaranteed to take the Flower Show to a "whole new level".
Visit this sure to please, over the top, extravaganza---and come away with signature floral displays that are sure to personalize your Wedding Event.
For more Show information , CLICK ON this link: THE FLOWER SHOW.



For most of you, February 14th is special because it is- VALENTINE'S DAY!! For me; however, this day holds a more special meaning. For me, this was THE day of the year that brought me the most joy... That was until Friday February 16th 2007 !! You see, now my life is filled

with joy on both of these extra-special, extra-ordinary days!! And it is for this reason.
Some years in the past (I will let my daughter divulge how many of those years ago), I was
blessed, not only with a shot from cupids arrow
on February 14th, but also with a life "more pre-
cious than gold"-- my daughter--Ashley.
Just when life was fulfilling, especially with the likes of an adult daughter (now, we swap
stories about meaningful relationships; instead
of stories of fable), Ashley blessed me with a little person, aptly named--Beautiful. Beautiful has renewed my believe in "all things good in the world..." Both Ashley and Beautiful have brought me more "heart-filled" joy than any fine bottle of wine, or pleasureable ounce of chocolate.



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