An Atlanta Bride ties the knot....

An Atlanta Bride tied the knot to Mr. Wonderful this past weekend!! Congratulations to both of these 'wonderful' people. Can't wait for their return from their exciting honeymoon in Prague...the picture are going to be great! ENJOY!!!


Black + White = Glamourous

Black + White = decadent.
Black + White = style.
Black + White = glamorous.
Black + White = elegant.
Black + White = attitude.

I {heart} Black + White.


Whispers...part deux

{smak} ...


When was the last time that you whispered something romantic into each other's ear?
Take a break from the planning...start with the above love notes...
...make a game of it


Audrey Hepburn is stunning! That pulled together look is achieved because of her relentless attention to detail...

~~ the perfectly tied candy pink bows that act as hat bands, slanted at the perfect angle...like synchronized swimmers...sweeeeet!

~~ the femininely coy hat bedecked in feathers that stop just shy of well-shaped arched eyebrows and alert eyes...waiting to be stylishly concealed by wide-rimmed opaque lensed shades...oh la-la

~~the 'shy but strong' lace veil that shields just enough to allow a glance at those famous almond shaped peepers. Finished off with a fine gloved hand...soooo ladylike!


{Paper} Ob' Jets.. shoes

{LUV} -ing these paper shoes by Jennifer Collier...

Great for favors + escort/seating cards...
... or just about anything that you can imagine...
The ladies in attendance are certain to fall deeply in {LUV}

Window Shopping...

Department store windows are where dreams take flight. Witness the magic of the gown, as Seatle-based wedding gown designer and atelier Luly Yang's gown create the window magic.


What's in That Bag?

Have you ever wondered all that it entails for your Photographer to get those great pictures of your event? If your curiosity has been peaked to the point of speculating what it is that they keep in that bag...take a look at the above photo. Then, click on the picture and welcome to the world of the original site where this picture lives. This is where the fun begins. Once at the original site, take the time to move your mouse over the picture. Amazingly, an explanation for all of the items features is given. So the next time that you go over you budget, and the question arises about the outrageous cost of your photographer, whip out this explanation!!

... And You Wanted a { Gown} ...

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy's wedding dress worn Sept.12, 1953 when she married John F. Kennedy; displayed at JFK Library and Museum in 2003 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their wedding; probably will not be displayed again in this way because the weight of the dress is causing the fabric to tear. My hope is that they find a very good dry cleaner that specializes in the cleaning and storing of fabulous gowns, such as this.

This breathtaking gown in not to be upstaged by this stunning Van Cleef and Arpel engagement ring that consists of a 2.88 carat diamond flanked by a 2.84 carat emerald and tapered baquettes...Hello, Mr President!

I'm Back!...

I've been {reluctantly} off of the blogosphere for the last month where I have:

~~ redesigned my office...but not before I,
~~ moved the office
~~ restructured planning packages
~~ start working with a new web designer {the great results are coming this Spring!}
~~ re-wrote company handbook
~~ re-wrote employee handbook
~~ worked on some fabulous event projects
~~ enrolled in some continuing ed seminars {helps to stay at the top of your game}
~~ worked on new marketing material {so that I am fabulous for you}
~~ doing my share of networking {It's always great to meet colleagues}
~~ and much, much more!
So now I am back and eager to share the new things that I have learned with you!
Thanks for all of the e-mail and phone calls from all of you. Your concern and interest is much more than appreciated.
So, without further ado, I can not wait to get back to all of my BFFs in the event blogosphere....