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Halloween Post... promise :D

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{PINK} Ribbon Campaign....

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{Denim} ...

the New {Tuxedo}?
It used to be that denim attire was the outfit of choice for activities that were menial in nature or that required heavy labor. That was then when Levi's cornered the market for outfitting those that desired the laid-back, easy look of a long, lazy summer afternoon.
Fast-forward to today. With such haute fashion names as True Religion, Applebottom, J Brand, Juicy Couture, 7 For all Mankind by Style and Mavi, there are many fashion trendsetters who would, arguably, announce that you are not 'properly dressed' unless you are sporting a pair of high fashioned {read- high priced}, body hugging, hip riding denim.
By the looks of some of the ladies in the pictures below, denim is here and making a 'high' style statement! Perhaps if you are stuck for a 'theme' for one of your upcoming events/parties, you can turn to the world of high profile fashion for your answer.
Is denim the 'new tuxedo'? Send in your comments...

Oprah Winfrey styling in her dress blues...

Jada Pinkett Smith...does the look of denim get any better?

Paula Palin... denim for the average "joe"...

Rihanna giving us the Fly Girl version of denim dressing...

Beyonce sporting 'not your everyday' denim jeans...

Selma Helyak looking ultra cool in white denim...

Eva makes dressing down...fashionably easy...

Jennifer Lopez...wide denim never looked sexier...

Paris Hilton, always a trendsetter...

Sarah Jessica Parker the Style {Fashionista}!

Nicole Ritchie looking ultra feminine is her dark blues...

Halle makes any fabric elegant...

Beyonce, the queen of hot couture !!


Getting through the planning {Checklist}...

... And In This Corner ...

{Rocking} Tradition

The Ivanka Trump Collection, is housed in a beguiling jewelry boutique on Madison between 61st and 62nd street in Manhattan, New York. Ivanka brings to life her motto that “The time has come to Rock tradition”. Her bold use of pave diamonds with rock crystal, both faceted and un-faceted, black spinel, white agate and black onyx speaks to her innovative ideas for our beloved, bejewelled stones.
See more of what she has in store for today's Brides here



and {Elegant} Winter Favors...

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Par {'TEA'} ...

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The many ways to have a Par 'TEA':: {1} have a Bridal Tea Shower, {2} a non-alcoholic substitute for your Cock'TEA' hour, {3} as a Girl's Night In Slumber Par'TEA', for your Bridesmaids and {4} as a warm, cozy and intimate after Par'TEA' with your new husband.

These are just a few, share your 'TEA' ideas....



Razzle Dazzle Tiny-tini.... {Only 80 Calories!}


4 oz. 7-Up Plus Soda

1 oz. Sugar Free Raspberry Torani Syrup

1 oz. Vodka


Shake with ice.

Pour into cute martini glass.

Drink up!

{Work Out} ::

After the 'I will' comes the marathon planning towards 'THE BIG EVENT'. So many questions, so much work! First the engagement parties and then the 'real' planning. Often overlooked, when planning a wedding, is the physical challenge that planning requires. The many venue site visits, the exhilarating but physically exhausting act of trying on your coveted gown. Not to mention the miles accumulated while walking to, amoungst and between all of the other vendors and venue sites- that will complete the necessary details that will make your event 'POP'.
To prepare for all of the physical demands that planning a wedding commands, why not prepare for your big day by enrolling in a Bridal Boot Camp! Oh yeah, you might just shrink one dress size while you’re at it.
Virtually every bride (and bridesmaids) freaks out over fitting into her dress, never mind merely looking great in it! Bridal Bootcamps ensures that your dress will fit perfectly and that you look stunning on your big day! Most bridal bootcamps feature special bootcamp programs customized for you and your wedding party that will make sure that every member of the bridal party looks their best.

{actual photos:: before/after of bridal bootcamp recruit}

Worried about having to update your wardrobe, while those pounds just melt away? How about this site that will rent -- yes, rent!-- designer inspired clothing to you and your bridal party, while you are losing.

Once you and your bridal party have whipped your bodies in 'to die for' condition, make sure that your skin is just as aglow as your new physique with the Bridal Boot Camp Skin care line.
Bridal Boot Camp is a special skin care line consisting of raw botanicals to promote healthy skin and a natural glow. Available for both normal and dry skin, as well as combination, oily and problematic skin. Bridal Bootcamp is designed to prepare your skin for your walk down the aisle."
For the Bride who wants to structure her own program, this is for you::

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