{Wed} iquette Wednesday

Musical TIDBITS... {photos via {.S.T.U.F.F.}::special Thanx}

~~~ Use music to further the theme or location of your wedding. For example:
** Island location... try Steel drums or a Reggae band
** Country setting...try Bluegrass of folk band
** City / Urban venue...think Jazz band
** for something more unique try these....Barbershop Quartet, Mariachi Band,
Church Choir, High School Band + Choir, University marching band. The list
is endless. What are some of your ideas for carrying out your theme through
music? Share your ideas via comments.
~~~ Have you thought of...
... the many non-musical ways to entertain your invited guests. Whether your guests are taking pictures of themselves in a photo booth or filming/photographing you and/or other guests with disposeable camera that has been left each place setting {as a favor}
... sleight-of-hand magicians/illusionists, fortune tellers,tarot card readers and dance instructor can also provide a great way to get you guests involved.
The important thing to keep in mind when having a non-musical reception is that, guests who can make their own fun, make a party more entertaining. So be certain to thoroughly think through the guest list and make certain that every invited guest could be the life of the party on their merit!
~~~About the 'Tip Thing'
...should you decide to tip your DJ and/or Band, remember that gratuity should be given, in cash, at the end of the evening. Set aside the money beforehand and designate your planner to be in charge of distributing the funds. The recommended tip amount is fifteen percent, minimally {not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars per person}
~~~About the 'Dancing Thing'...here's the secret...
~~~To assure that your guests have a great time at your reception, note that guests follow your lead. If the two of you keep dancing, your Guests will too!!!


Buttons + Centerpieces:

{photos via Button+Floozies::Special Thanx}

This beautiful but simple 'button' tree makes a quiet but elegant presence when bedecked front & center on your reception tables. The clean lines and artistic design adds serene opulance to any wedding decor. One of the many beauties of this centerpiece is that it can be created in any color to coordinate with your wedding decor. Imagine that, a beautiful centerpiece is a close as your nearest fabric/button outlet.


{MARTINI Monday}

Sunset Martini

1 Part Mandarin Orange Vodka
1 Part Cranberry Cocktail
1 Part Sprite

Mix as preffered. (Shaken or stirred)
Garnish with with orange twist
ENJOY!! {drink responsibly}


{Bridal} Blog of the Week::

Bridechka and The Wedding:

Describing herself as:: "...a young professional, living in the big city... and born in the former Soviet Union...'. This Bridal blogger seeks to capture all of the adventures and challenges of '...planning a wedding that incorporates more than one culture...Russian/Jewish...and hopefully help out some other bridechkas on the way'.
Her fun and information-packed blog, not only offers planning advice, but every now and then, we are allowed the priviledge of stepping into her world-outside of wedding planning. Throughout the many posts on her blog, you will frequently find shout outs for upcoming Bridal events and calls-for-action in support of other 'bridechas' and/or charities, in the bridal blogosphere. Because of her willingness to show blog love to others, her blog has been 'tagged' as Fabulous! and given 'first blog love' cudos.
Making certain that the info that she posts for her many followers is current and fresh, she not afraid to step into a 'bridal' classroom {or two!}
Not shy about fielding the more 'challenging' questions or featuring uniquely personalized buys, her refreshing approach to the mad world of wedding planning is both engaging and fun! Follow this Bridechka, her math-loving fiance and her 'fantastic bridal party , as well as, her whole entourage of 'people' as she heads down the aisle.

P.S.: If you are a Bride who has made that 'fantabulously' magical promenade down the aisle, Bridechka would love to feature your story in her "Real People, Real Weddings" section of her blog...just EMAIL her...

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{Inspirations} ...

This Is Glamorous::

{photos via ThisIsGlamorous::special thanx}

These light and airy pieces are great inspirations for any wedding theme. The flowing fabrics and timeless details are so-o-o retro/indie, but also, so 'right now'. The hair stylist was careful to create a simple, but captivating 'do' that, not only shines in its own light, but enhances the 'pretty' of the garments. In this time of 'bling' this style and elegance is proof that you don't have to be over the top loud, to make a simple, but over the top statement.


{Wed} iquette Wednesday

By now you've seen the commercials. You know, the commercials sporting the H&R Block brand...the commercials where everyone, except one cool,calm individual is sweating bullets. And why is the 'cool guy' cool? Because...'he has people'. This is the kind of cool that you want to have on your wedding day. And just how does that happen? Aside from having a great Planner, 'Team Bride' is definitely the trusted friends you and your Fiance' have selected to help you celebrate this very important time of your lifes.
Let's take a look at your people and what they contribute so that you don't sweat ::

Maid Of Honor aka {MOH}::
can be a sister or oldest and most loyal friend. She is the one who knows when to tell you what you want to hear, but, tactful enough to be brutally honest. The main duties of the MOH is to plan the shower & the bachlorette party. She is,also responsible for keeping the Bridesmaids' activities running smoothly. She may be asked to make a toast,both at the rehearsal dinner and the reception. She is your main go-to person for motivation/moral support and to help keep things organized. She serves as your witness at the signing of the marriage license.
Best Man
he is your Groom's brother or best and most loyal friend who will not party too hard after the rehearsal dinner- or the bachlor's party. In some parts of the country it is customary for the groom to choose his father to serve as his best man. The best man takes care of all bachelor events while providing support to the Groom. He is the Groom's main go-to man for motivation/moral support. He is responsible for getting the wedding rings to the chapel. And he kicks off the toasts at, both, the rehearsal dinner and the reception. He is the second witness to the signing of the marriage license.
Negative, needy drama-queens need not apply! Bridesmaids are fun friends who will still be in your life long after the dress. As members of 'Team Bride' , bridesmaids will participate in all of the pre-wedding events. They are also required to dance 'The Macarana' at the reception, wear those 5" stilettoes {with a smile}, run errands, attend tastings, site visits, bridal parties and/or other important/pertinent bridal meetings. These beauties are often escorted down the aisle on the arms of your Groomsmen, during the ceremony. Out of town bridesmaids can get a pass on most parties, but, they still must send a gift for the shower. They are not!:whipping posts, battering rams or emotionally void robots. That being said, remember that, foremost, they are your friends {no lecture intended}.
this handsome posse is often comprised of old friends, cousins and, both, the Bride and Groom's brothers. These gentlemen can assist with seating invited guests during the ceremony, act as ushers at a very large weddings, run small pre-wedding errands on the wedding day and most popularly, escort your Bridesmaids down the aisle during the ceremony.
Flower Girl
this adorable little girl is usually between the ages of three and six years of age. Other than to look cute, her major role is to scatter all of those beautiful flowers along the aisle just before your grand entrance. If it makes her more comfortable, she can perform this duty with the Ringbearer by her side. Word of caution:: as cute and adorable as this age group can be, remember that, their behavior can be both unpredictable and not easily directed. The most engaging child can suffer a bad case of stage fright when placed before one hundred strangers.
Ring Bearer
Criteria for the job: a boy who is young enough to wear knickers, saddle shoes and long kneesocks {and not be deemed a Glamour Magazine-"DON'T"}. He is responsible for getting the 'ring' down the aisle {even if the ring is a darn good look-alike. Well, you don't really want to entrust that carat and a half to a four year old?}. Also, if he or your precious Flower Girl are stage shy, he can perform his promenade down the aisle in her company.
So there you have it...YOUR PEOPLE!! and remember...don't let them see you sweat!
{oh!, that's another product commercial!}


{MARTINI Monday}

The Black 007 Martini

3 Part Gin
1 Part Extra Dry Vermouth
Garnish with Lemon Twist

Shake ingredients over ice

Serve in a pre-chilled crystal martini glass
Garnish with a lemon twist

This extradorinary martini has a crystal clear diamond color appearance to enhance the ultimate taste of a quality martini that compliments the erotic smooth classy side of the Black 007.



My BLOG IS {LUV} ed !!!

The very gifted and talented It's a Jaime' Thing has given me this fantastic award !! So while I am flashing my pearly whites and before taking my official bow, THANK YOU's are in order. Without further ado, {applause please} 'THANK YOU JAIME for such a thoughtful gesture. I feel truly honored'.

Now, even though I get to keep this fabulous award, one of the criterior for ownership is to pass the blog {luv} around to at least 10 {fantabulous} blogs with great attitude and/or gratitude. The rest of the rules are as follows:

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...will all of the awardees please take a bow?*


{Wed} iquette Wednesday


On your way to the menu tasting? Although very flavorful and fun, this can be one of the great areas of stress during your planning process. There is at least one stress busting solution that will keep this palatable task fun and filling: Limit the number of "tasters" that accompany you during this activity. You know the saying...too many cooks...{you know the rest}. By inviting family, bridal party and friends to this tasty feast, you are surely inviting a host of conflicting tastes, preferences and, definitely, opinions.

In a few words, keep the tasting experience and decision between you and your fiance'.


{Inspirations} ...Wedding

{photo via Glamour Life ::special thanx}
This dress is amazingly light, daydreamy and just right for several wedding styles. Now everyone may not be able to fit into this style, but if you can, why not go for it. It's your day and your ARE the star!


{MARTINI Monday}

Cosmopolitan Martini

8 Part(s) Vodka
2 Part(s) Cranberry Juice
1 Part Lime Cordial
1 Part(s) Orange Liqueur

Mix all ingredients as preferred {shaken with ice or stirred}
Garnish with a Lemon Twist
ENJOY!! {drink responsibly}


{Happy} Weekend...

{photo source::special thanx}

{Smitten}...Engagement Photos

{photo via ACupOfJo::special thanx}
During their Christmas trip to the west coast, Glamour.com's, Smitten, author and avid blogger, Jo and fiance' Alex, had these fabulous engagement photos taken by reknown photographer Max Wanger.
What a awesomely, fantastic couple!!


{Bridal} Blog of the Week::

The Broke-ass Bride::
The blogger extraordinaire of this weeks dynamic and information-packed Bridal Blog is thirty year old, Los Angelos residence, Dana. Dana and her fiance' Hunter have been dating since October 2002 when five years later- in October 2007, he popped the question...and of course, she said yes! Now they have a fabulous May 2009 wedding planned that Dana creatively chronicles under the moniker of 'The Broke-Ass Bride.The Broke-Ass Bride blog features loads of advice, personal glimpses into her world, planning tips and lots of fun/funny anecdotals along the way.
Dana and Hunter have dreamed up a magical wedding theme, along with beautiful custom colors and a to-die for venue! Her posts takes you into her world of wedding planning, where, early in their engagement, she and Hunter were 'dancing stars' of their own right-- for the very elegant and reknown bridal magazine, 'Bride & Bloom'. As selected guests of the magazine were asked to test drive bridal shoes vs dancing shoes...they even got to keep the shoes!!!{How cool is that?!}.
Dedicated to the 'Greening of the Earth', Dana & Hunter's wedding will be 'a green' wedding. Although they have won many couple competitions, THIS ONE is nearest & dearest to their life's { and wedding} mission. Give them some luv & support and cast your vote for them...here's the detail {yes, this is a shameless Steibel promotion}.
She describes her budget as 'tiny', her love as 'huge' but her 'Altar Ego' has been lifted by many. Let me count the ways: writer in resident at,both, Elizabeth Anne Designs and in 'the hive' at Wedding Bee, offers up bridal tips on The Brides Guide. She's a 'Bridal Wishpot Expert', a 'must see' at Bliss Weddings and an author at Unbride.
And if all of this is not enough, her blog is the recipient of many awards including; Divine Caroline award, the Uber award and the Kreativ Blogger award, the Bookworm award ...now I know that I'm missing a few...um-m-m...
With all of this energy, insight and creativity, I will definitely stay tuned to the Broke-Ass Bride Part 2 ...AKA... The Mrs Blog!
CONGRATULATIONS Dana for being this week's Bridal Blog of the Week!!!
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{Wed} iquette Wednesday


You've taken care of the who, what and when. Now it's time for the wear. Finding the perfect gown is a cherished rite of passage during the arduous planning of your wedding. Before you plop down that large chunk of cash for "The Dress", give some thought to your personal style. There are two rules are thumb when it comes to this:*You want to look like yourself on your wedding day. Stay true to your personality and personal taste. And, *choose a gown that looks good on you. You may have fallen for the idea of the strapless gown; however, if baring your arms and decolletage is not within your comfort zone, then this is definitely not your dream gown.
While shopping for the all-important dress keep a couple of things in mind. Hit the bridal ateliers with your own bridal 'look book'. This prized book contains magazine clippings, photos from other weddings, fabric swatches and color palettes. Bring along anything that will get your concept of your perfect dress across to the sales staff. Be completely candid and frank about your budget from the start. This saves a lot of time and heartache {nothing like spending lots of time on a dress that you'll never purchase}.


Make it Your Style

A few recent posts featured an alternative to the veiled look. But, if having a veil is not a checklist option, make certain that the facial feature that you chose is a reflection of your personal style. The glamorous '50's pics below are a classic example of being true to your 'style-fabulosity'. These luv-lies may not fit your wedding event vision, but you can't argue with the GREAT 'TUDE that immediately jumps out of you. And that, is what your personal vision is all about...great 'tude!

{photos via A RedLipstick::special thanx}