A New Resolution... A "Life's List"


...three hundred and sixty five days --now part of our memories. Oh yes, after the traditional song of "Auld Lang Syne" at our favorite gathering place has been sung, the lifting of glasses filled with our favorite bubbly has been drunk, and the sharing of warm and affectionate glances with those who are nearest and dearest to us has passed --we start the year with anewed promises and resolutions. And, although, we know in our heart of hearts that those "never quite achieved" resolutions that we have whole-heartedly committed to -- even if only for the first four weeks of the year -- we continue to have faith that "This year is going to be the year..."

This year, instead of scripting the usual list of "how am I going to change this year"?, make a "Life's To-Do List". Think about what YOU want your life to say about you. Building you list will require more time, commitment, honesty, self-evaluation and introspection than the old "...I will lose those pounds, improve on my golf score, be a nicer person, etc,..." lists of yesteryear. Include several values that are meaningful to you. These values are characteristics and qualities that define how you--moving forward--want to live your life.

As you begin to ponder these values, what ;you will find, is that naturally, you will begin to formulate goals that directly relate to the values, by which, you have chosen to live your life. With deeper introspection, your goals will have reasons.

Working toward your goals with your "To-Do List" spelled out, your begin to see that you are moving toward place that is intrinsically important and meaningful.

Visit your "Life's To-Do List" regularly to check your progress and to congratulate yourself on your efforts !!!



"... GAME DAY..." -- For The Man in your life...

For the Guy Who Wants More Than a Little Off the Top

BARBERSHOP DUO At MR., the owners Sean A. Heywood, left, and Kumi D. Walker

Jim Wilson/The New York Times


Published: November 14, 2007/The New York Times

PERHAPS it was only a matter of time before someone realized that what a certain kind of man wants while getting a haircut is a cold beer — preferably Chimay.
Two graduates of Stanford Graduate School of Business, Sean A. Heywood and Kumi D. Walker, envisioned such an experience a few years ago and have now opened MR., a combination barbershop, club and lounge in the business district of San Francisco.
“Our goal was to make it nicer than most of our clients’ apartments,” said Mr. Heywood, gesturing toward the 100-inch flat-screen television opposite the bar. “Our vision was-‘ What if we can create this sense of community?’ ”
When they were undergraduates together atBrown University, in Providence, R.I., away from home — Mr. Heywood grew up in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn and Mr. Walker in Columbia, Md. — finding a hair stylist they trusted was not easy. When they decided on this line of business, they were sure they could find a market.
They decided that a shop serving all hair types represented a much bigger business opportunity and better reflected the professional community they wanted to create.
Currently, about 90 percent of MR. Members (there are members as well as walk-ins) are Caucasian men-reflecting the business neighborhood, Mr. Heywood said.
To help create a club atmosphere, the shop offers memberships, charging flat monthly rates that differ
depending on the services wanted. For $65 a month, a customer gets one haircut, one touch-up, shoe shining and a drink at the bar, which serves wine and beer.
There are costlier memberships that include more visits and more benefits. A walk-in cut costs
the same as a membership, $65. Both Mr. Heywood and Mr. Walker are well versed in the language of business school and can describe the barbershop’s “target demographic”: professional men, most making $75,000 or more, who shop at Barney’s drive a BMW or Mercedes-Benz and appreciate a duplex along the Embarcadero even if they cannot afford one.
The space that they found to appeal to such men has a loft like, red-brick-walled lounge area with several couches and the bar. It is a space that has a certain clubhouse mind-set, but is not stodgy, said Alex Clemens, founder of Barbary Coast Consulting, a communications firm, and an early customer.
“I was intrigued by the idea of a living-room lounge where even a dorky middle-aged white guy could go get an up-to-date haircut, watch some sports on a big screen TV and relax,” he said.
“Barbershops may not be sexy,” Mr. Heywood said. “But there’s nothing sexy about Wal Mart either.”



" WHAT IF YOU HAD ONE MORE DAY WITH SOMEONE YOU'D LOST? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" This is the premise of Mitch Albom's latest poignant, thought provoking novel.

I've just , sadly enough, completed this fantastic, never-want-to-put-it-down novels, by (one of my favorite authors) Mitch Albom.

You already know him for two of his other works (both made into "MADE FOR TELEVISION" movies; "Tuesdays With Morrie" and "The Five People You Meet in Heaven". Just like these two phenomenal reads, "For One More Day" does not disappoint. Oprah loved the premise so much that she is the Producer of the "Made For Television Movie" of this "I don't ever want it to end" novel...Make it your next holiday read !!!!




....The words sang by the sultry songstress Mary J. Blige.
If love has no limit...Why should there be limits on the flowers that you choose to use to express your love for one another on your special day?
The choices of floral bliss-like your love for one another- has no limit!!
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Scheduled for March 2 - 9,2008,
Sundays, March 2 & 9, 8 am-9:30 pm
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Saturday, March 8, 8 am-9:30 pm
Located at the Pennsylvania Convention Center
Hundreds of exhibitors, spread throughout the "jazzed up" exhibition halls will be available to showcase their gardens and floral displays.
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KEEP A CHILD ALIVE is an urgent response to the AIDS pandemic ravaging Africa. With more than 28 million dead and 15 million orphaned, the disease continues, wiping out whole societies, threatening economic infrastructure and creating tragic family devastation. We provide life-saving medication, support, and orphan care, to keep these children and families alive. Keep a Child Alive gives 100%* of public donations to our cause.

Help Alicia and all of the Supporters of this worthwhile cause by giving to these children of tomorrow. Click on the organization's title as a direct link to the official site of KEEP A CHILD ALIVE or visit: http://www.keepachildalive.org/ to join in this fight for our children.



So it is that time of year - when all is FESTIVE. That time of year of magnificently designed holiday storefronts, hustling and bustling shoppers frantically in search of "just the right gift", and the seasonal music that serves to remind us of the purpose of it all. Lest we forget, the vast and sundry invites to the long anticipated soirees of the season.
Some of us more brave souls, will be willing and ecstatic hosts of these fun-filled fetes. For those of us who are less "Martha Stewart-inclined", we will be eager and willing attendees. It is the time for great hosts. ..and the time for gracious guests.
And what do well organized, leave-no-detail-unattended, "I can't wait to get this party started" hosts say that they expect from their stylishly dressed, "thanks for putting me on the VIP list", "let's get this party started" guests?
Well here's the skinny- right from the Hosts themselves.
First, don't be surprised but, "late is great". Hosts don't mind late, as long as it is "fashionably".
Fifteen to twenty minutes late allows each guests their "minute of fame" while lending a "must be attended... even if I'm late..." air to the party. So twenty minutes late, tops. Secondly, ...bring that one invited guest with you. Hosts will never deny you the chance to bring your favorite dance partner so that you can show off your "Dancing with the Stars" moves. But remember, even the stars have one dance partner. Thirdly, (we're almost done),... arriving fashionably late has its merits; however... leaving fashionably late- let's just say - that will remove from the VIP list immediately.
Finally ...remember to thank your host with a well bought gift. Show the host, that they are the most. A thoughtful gift says many things, among which includes - "Thanks for"- the VIP invite, the fantastic food, the wonderful ambience and the graciousness for allowing me into your world".