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{photo via Chad and Laura's Wedding::special thanx}

Chad and Laura are planning an intimate evening affair at the Glen Foerd Mansion in Philadelphia, PA on Friday May 15th, 2009.

The Mansion is a beautiful, well-appointed 19th Century Victorian, situated on an English Garden that spans 18 breathtaking acres of picturesque and emaculate landscaping. If that is not enough to leave their Guests awe-struck, the entire estate overlooks the historical Delaware River. ...read more

Preview this elegantly historical Venue below:


{Wed} iquette :: {GUESTZILLAS}

{photo via Flickr::special thanx}

those annoyingly difficult, unabashedly embarassing,
'...there-not-my-peeps', who invited their a** anyway!?,
guests that is dreaded by everyone within eye shoot.
The Guest that has had one too many __________ {fill in the blank with any mind altering substance}.
And has begin to embarass not only himself, but has begun to be offensive/offending to all of the other
Guests {who know their limit} who fall prey to his antics.
SOLUTION #1:: Try as hard as we might, ignoring the problem, {all together now...} is not going
to make it go away. It is the responsibility of the date or family member {pre-
ferrably a family member not part of the Wedding Party} to quietly and discreet-
ly escort the offender out of the festivites.
The Guest as disc jockey. You know, the guest who lingers just a little too long near the disc jockey/band; in order to micro-manage the playlist.
SOLUTION #2:: Usually this Guestzilla has good intentions - they just want to keep the party pumping. For the sanity of the musicians - that you have shelled out a pretty penny for - {out of ear shoot of other Guests}, tactfully inform this harmless Guestzilla that the reception has been planned to the minute, and that includes the musical selections.
The UNINVITED GUESTZILLA !!! {need I say more...}
SOLUTION #3:: This Guestzilla happens to the best planned and orchestrated Wedding Events. Handling this sticky situation almost always makes for an uncomfortable Bride and Groom. Your point person {read planner} should handle this Guestzilla fax paus. So here's the delimna:: Should this Guestzilla be accommodated? Usually, your caterer will prepare a few extra meals, and if it's not much of an issue for you {the Couple} -set another gorgeous place setting and welcome your Guestzilla with opened arms. If; however, this is something that you {the Couple} determine to be thoughtless and uncivilized... have your 'go-to' person handle this. Your 'go-to' person should tactlyfully informed this Guestzilla that, her arrival was not expected {because after all, we did not receive your RSVP} and the Couple would have loved to have her blessings, but they were not expecting your presence. If time permits, allowing the Guestzilla to speak briefly with the Bride and deliver her personal well wishes should be enough to quell any ill-feelings and savage an otherwise good relationship.
These are just a few GUESTZILLA moments... share your Guestzilla stories in the comment section. I am itching to here some of the "Oh no she didn't" stories that Guestzillas are famous for providing :)

{Day = Valentine's} + {Venue = Empire State Building} = {Wedding Wow !!!}

{ WIN IT } !!!!

if the jury is still out on the date and place of your one-of-a-kind, fabulously planned Wedding Event ... fret no further. Bride.com will gladly arrange this insanely {over the top} extravaganza for you !!! The hitch... it's a contest !! If tying the knot in New York has always been your nuptial dream, then this is the contest for you !!!


Well { GROOM } -ed ...

This "Groom's Bible" for what to do, what not to do and how to make it through this 'blessed once-in-a-lifetime event'. Must have read for every Groom who thinks that he 'just needs to show up...'. Although, the book has not been released yet , {yes, you found it here first!!} you can reserve a copy to present to you handsome beau upon its arrival.

Now that's a {DIAMOND} !!!

{photos via If it's Hip,it's Here::special thanx}

This rock could possibly be the world's largest polished stone. Mined earlier this month {September 8th to be exact}, this oversized iced out jewel was mined in Lesotho...


** {BLING} ... just a foot away

{photo via Net-A-Porte::special thanx}

Shoes Designed by:: {clockwise from top left}::christian louboutin,jimmy choo, oscar de la renta, guiseppe zanotti, guiseppe zanotti

{ MARTINI } Monday !!!

Today is the launch date of a new feature that we will be showcasing every Monday...
today is
Today's feature Martini is a destination inspired cocktail. Created by a very creative mixologist and inspired by the islands of the West Indies, Jamaica and Haiti.

We present to you the { CARIBBEAN GOLD } MARTINI ::

{photo via 71Proofllc.com::special thanx}

1 ½ oz Grand Marnier
1 oz Passion Fruit Juice
1 oz Star Fruit puree*
1 small egg Egg White
1 pinch Edible Gold Flakes


Add Grand Marnier, Passion Fruit Juice, Star Fruit puree and egg white with ice to cocktail shaker.
Shake vigorously to emulsify the egg white and produce a thick foam.
Strain ingredients into Collins glass with fresh ice;
Garnish with star fruit slice and sprinkle with gold
*To make the puree, blend one Star Fruit with one teaspoon of sugar.

... LET THE { CARIBBEAN GOLD } MARTINI transport you to a far away land ....


Cut Your Budget...

What is
the is the most disposable element in your Bridal Budget ?
Tell us what you think...

Cut the { Cake }...??

with the economy in the state that it's in, some couples are pondering the question of 'what is the most disposable expense on our budget list..."?
if you opt to 'opt out' on the cake, this cake designer may have just the 'cake rental' alternative for you...

{ Confetti } + { Good Cheer } =


.... Send to your Bridesmaid as a preview of the party to come and a 'thank you' for being part of the "fabulousness" of your day !!

.... Add it to the gift bags that you have prepared for your 'Out of Town' Guests !!
.... Make it part of the Wedding "Bling" and "Sparkle" !!!!

Party in a Pouch!! features:
High-quality recycled contents!
Gift-style packaging!
The ability to bring the party wherever you are!

funny pictures
{photo via A Cup of Jo::special thanx}


{ Couture } + { Organism } = { Green } Ring...

For the {Bride} who wants a truly {GREEN} Event..

{photos via Hafsteinn Juliusson::special thanx}

Growing Jewelry is a "redefinition of modern values..." according to Hafsteinn Juliusson, the mastermind and guru behind this very modern, metropolitan and {Green} alternative to to the {Diamond} ring.

.... just add water .... {read more...}

Not Your Ordinary { Green } Nursery...

Growing Jewelry Store

{photos via Hafsteinn Juliussen::special thanx}


{Wow} your Guests at the Rehearsal Dinner ... follow the {Stars}

let these starlets be your guide to a stunning Rehearsal Day look !!!
{photos via OMG::special thanx}


{French Vanilla} + {Elegant Wrap} = {Vintage} {Couture}

{photos via Bonzie::special thanx}

these delicate shrugs are the ideal wrap for that not-quite-winter-in-the-northeast coast weather. they offer a {Vintage Couture} look to any elegant wedding gown or bridesmaids
dress. They can be ordered here...


... now that you have the { Ring }

{ photo via Broomjumping Bride::special thanx}

Found this wonderful posts on one of my blog stops today ....
These pillows are {to-die-for} !!!!