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i just received my copy of the June issue of The Baltimore Magazine {that i have been waiting for with breath more baited than usual}. usually i read this journalist tart from front to back cover, taking in all of the literary gifts that it has to offer. however, this edition would be read in the reverse order--- WHY? you might add... well, on the last page of every edition of this magazine is a featured dossier { cleverly titled: Baltimore Grill...i love the play on words...} of one of Baltimore's finest. this month's dossier, written by Max Weiss, featured, not only one of Baltimore's finest business woman, but one of the wedding industry's premiere wedding {Divas} -- Linnyette Richardson-Hall. In her signature cool and collected style, LInnyette gave practical solutions to wedding day dilemnas like only the best seasoned professional can. Kudos to a consummate professional who is never at a lost for "teaching" words !!! ... read the article

Get Your {Swerve} On...

What's a wedding without Martinis ? Not well versed on this high society specialty drink ? Let the experts at Swank Martini Company be your personal sommelier. They have all of the information that you will ever need to know about this soothing cocktail. In addition to knowledge, they have specialty martini glassware, like the ergo dynamically elegant {swerve} glass, seen above, recipes, wall paper and more...


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things that I am {Hearting} Now

absolutely {hearting} this idea for the {cupcake} = {wedding} cake idea... there is something very quaint and special about this little find...


Bid... and {Win} a $50,000 {Wedding}...

About our nonprofit:
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
In 2000, a 4 year old cancer patient named Alexandra Scott opened a lemonade stand in her front yard with the goal of raising money to find a cure for all kids with cancer. As word of Alex’s fundraising...
In 2000, a 4 year old cancer patient named Alexandra Scott opened a lemonade stand in her front yard with the goal of raising money to find a cure for all kids with cancer. As word of Alex’s fundraising spread, donations poured in from around the world. Alex passed away in August of 2004, at the age of 8 but her legacy lives on through Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.

Have you been dreaming of a classy, upscale {wedding} ? One, for say... $50,000 ? Well, you only live once and now is your chance to bid on the wedding of your dreams. And while you enjoy the wedding event of your dreams, the proceeds benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Alex was a young girl who did not live to see her ninth birthday. But despite that, she raised millions of dollars to help fight cancer, through sales at her lemonade stand... read more. The bidding ends June 7, 2008 @ 8:43 am -EST.

Included in the package are the following::

* The Ceremony & Reception for up to 135 guests, valued at $20,000
* Dinner & Your Wedding Cake
* Your Custom Wedding Dress by Toi Sweeney, valued at $8,500
* Bridesmaid Dresses by Jennifer's Bridal, valued at $1,500
* Tuxedo Rentals for the Groom & up to 7 Groomsmen, valued at $1,500
* His & Hers Wedding Bands by Barsky Diamonds, valued at $1,500
* All-Inclusive Honeymoon at Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa in Mexico
* The Rehearsal Dinner at Ristorante Panorama
* Hair & Makeup Services at Lux Spa & Fitness, valued at $1,000
* Photography by Majestic Images & Videography by Louis Anthony, valued at $5,000
* DJ Entertainment & Lighting by Synergetic Sounds
* Floral Centerpieces by Arrangements Unlimited, valued at $3,400
* Formal Invitations by Declaration of Invitations, valued at $500

Have the wedding of your dream's while contributing to a more than worthwhile cost. Place your BID and help Alex make her dream come true !!

{Wed}iquette... Late RSVP's...

Q. It's three weeks before the wedding and several guests still haven't RSVP'd! What should we do? Every couple has faced this dilemna when trying to firm up the numbers for their Vendors? How many times have you and your fiance' asked yourself...'why is it so difficult for our beloved guests to throw that darn {self addressed} envelope into the mail?... Perhaps the article below will help with helping you to, finally, resolve this age old, social dilemna. And if all else fails, perhaps Julia and Jonathon's whimsical approach will stir up your guests to respond...

{photos via flickr::special thanx}

A. The first obligation anyone has upon receiving a wedding invitation is to respond immediately, regardless of whether he or she can attend. At this late date you really have no choice but to telephone the would-be guests and ask whether they plan on coming.(Your fiancé, mother, future mother-in-law and some of your attendants can help you make the calls.) To ease the awkward nature of these conversations, be friendly and say something like, "Aunt Jenny, it's Sara. I hope you received our wedding invitation. We need to give our final numbers to the caterer this week, and I haven't received your response card, so I'm calling to ask if you and Uncle John plan on coming. We hope you're able to join us!" Just state your case matter-of-factly without laying blame. (Occasionally invitations and response cards are lost in the mail.) Whatever led to the lapse, your gracious manner will set a positive tone for the wedding{article via }

Cast Your {Vote} for {Melissa} & {Ryan}

... as they 'RACE TO THE ALTAR' !!! on the 'Today Show'

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{VINTAGE} Dresses for your Summer Affair ... {via}::

Calendar Girl Clothing

these vintages dresses showcases a period in both, women's lives and the fashion industry, when being draped in these form-fitting, well designed/tailored fine fabrics were the ultimate display of a Women's confidence and comfort with her {feminity}. These beautiful frocks can be found here.
these gems will surely make a lasting statement about the confidence that you possess when you wear them to host your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or even, as your pick for the Ultimate Day!!

{Ultimate} Groom's Gift ...

{Photo::Stephen Lewis via here::special thanx}
spiking gold - the ultimate golf shoe

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{photos of clubs::Jeffrey Schad via here::special thanx}::TaylorMade r7 CGB MAX Limited

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{Photo::Richard Pierce via here::special thanx}-slope stars -the ultimate ski 'shoe'

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{photo::Stephan Lewis via here::special thanx}

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The {Groom} Show

"Derrick Miller did what few men dare — he ventured into his wife-to-be's territory and made their rustic wedding his own".

{photo::jenniferVaughnMiller via
men's vogue::special thanx}

Once the question is popped, many men take a back seat to the planning process. Although happy to take the lead but puzzled as to how to get their beau more involved, most Bride's would welcome the enthusiastic involvement shown by Derrick Miller, creative director of the upscale English shoe company Barker Black ... read more


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...... with a splash of colour...