Bridal Registry...

Happiness Spread in Expected Ways...
Not every couple is comfortable registering, and not everyone needs or wants tangible items.

The following can fulfill your wishes and can help your guests with gift selection:

** No Registry:: Couples are not obligated to have a registry. Planning an intimate wedding or your guests are all family and friends who know your needs and tastes? There may be no reason to register. Or you might register at one or two locations for a limited number of items.
** Charitable Gifts:: Steer guests to a specific charity that is special and near/dear to you. Provide contact information and a brief explanation as to why this charity is special to you. Be certain to inform guests to make their donation in your name {as a couple}, established charities will notify you of donations made in your name.
** Honeymoon registries:: Available through many travel companies and agents, these registries allow guests to contribute to a couple's honeymoon-trip fund. Be certain to work with a reputable company and that they have a system in place for informing you a each guests gift.

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