I'm Back!...

I've been {reluctantly} off of the blogosphere for the last month where I have:

~~ redesigned my office...but not before I,
~~ moved the office
~~ restructured planning packages
~~ start working with a new web designer {the great results are coming this Spring!}
~~ re-wrote company handbook
~~ re-wrote employee handbook
~~ worked on some fabulous event projects
~~ enrolled in some continuing ed seminars {helps to stay at the top of your game}
~~ worked on new marketing material {so that I am fabulous for you}
~~ doing my share of networking {It's always great to meet colleagues}
~~ and much, much more!
So now I am back and eager to share the new things that I have learned with you!
Thanks for all of the e-mail and phone calls from all of you. Your concern and interest is much more than appreciated.
So, without further ado, I can not wait to get back to all of my BFFs in the event blogosphere....

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