A New Resolution... A "Life's List"


...three hundred and sixty five days --now part of our memories. Oh yes, after the traditional song of "Auld Lang Syne" at our favorite gathering place has been sung, the lifting of glasses filled with our favorite bubbly has been drunk, and the sharing of warm and affectionate glances with those who are nearest and dearest to us has passed --we start the year with anewed promises and resolutions. And, although, we know in our heart of hearts that those "never quite achieved" resolutions that we have whole-heartedly committed to -- even if only for the first four weeks of the year -- we continue to have faith that "This year is going to be the year..."

This year, instead of scripting the usual list of "how am I going to change this year"?, make a "Life's To-Do List". Think about what YOU want your life to say about you. Building you list will require more time, commitment, honesty, self-evaluation and introspection than the old "...I will lose those pounds, improve on my golf score, be a nicer person, etc,..." lists of yesteryear. Include several values that are meaningful to you. These values are characteristics and qualities that define how you--moving forward--want to live your life.

As you begin to ponder these values, what ;you will find, is that naturally, you will begin to formulate goals that directly relate to the values, by which, you have chosen to live your life. With deeper introspection, your goals will have reasons.

Working toward your goals with your "To-Do List" spelled out, your begin to see that you are moving toward place that is intrinsically important and meaningful.

Visit your "Life's To-Do List" regularly to check your progress and to congratulate yourself on your efforts !!!


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