So it is that time of year - when all is FESTIVE. That time of year of magnificently designed holiday storefronts, hustling and bustling shoppers frantically in search of "just the right gift", and the seasonal music that serves to remind us of the purpose of it all. Lest we forget, the vast and sundry invites to the long anticipated soirees of the season.
Some of us more brave souls, will be willing and ecstatic hosts of these fun-filled fetes. For those of us who are less "Martha Stewart-inclined", we will be eager and willing attendees. It is the time for great hosts. ..and the time for gracious guests.
And what do well organized, leave-no-detail-unattended, "I can't wait to get this party started" hosts say that they expect from their stylishly dressed, "thanks for putting me on the VIP list", "let's get this party started" guests?
Well here's the skinny- right from the Hosts themselves.
First, don't be surprised but, "late is great". Hosts don't mind late, as long as it is "fashionably".
Fifteen to twenty minutes late allows each guests their "minute of fame" while lending a "must be attended... even if I'm late..." air to the party. So twenty minutes late, tops. Secondly, ...bring that one invited guest with you. Hosts will never deny you the chance to bring your favorite dance partner so that you can show off your "Dancing with the Stars" moves. But remember, even the stars have one dance partner. Thirdly, (we're almost done),... arriving fashionably late has its merits; however... leaving fashionably late- let's just say - that will remove from the VIP list immediately.
Finally ...remember to thank your host with a well bought gift. Show the host, that they are the most. A thoughtful gift says many things, among which includes - "Thanks for"- the VIP invite, the fantastic food, the wonderful ambience and the graciousness for allowing me into your world".


Posh Goddess said...

Great entry! Continue to blog like this and your blog will surely get it's proper dues! I can't wait te read the next entry...

Posh Goddess said...

Oh yeah I'm loving the cartoon lady! You should name her Pearl...