* Paper Magic

It's no secret that I {luv} paper.  Not just any paper.  But opulent, decadent and delicously posh paper!

That being said, my blog strolls can always be halted by a display of beautifully eye-catching paper.  And, one of the many pluses to being in the event business is meeting {sometimes in person and other times via my seemingly endless but always wonderful blog strolls} so many other amazingly talented people!  Such is the case with  Lisa R. Zachery, the sassy and creative woman behind the vision that is Papered Wonders, Inc.  Thanks to the wonder of social media {read: Face Book} I had the pleasure to 'meet' this paper diva and experience the wonder of her work. 

Suffice it to say, I have to share all of the paper deliciousness::

                {pics via here::special thanx}

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