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Winter wedding are oh so magical!  The cold crispness evidenced in the visible crystals seen in the breaths exchanged in the chilled air.  Warmed  drinks sipped over well appointed tables.  Are you at the point where you actually have to do 'something' with the all important guest list?  Ahh yess!! The all time-ladened seating plan. 
Despite all of the discussion & perspiration that went into producing 'the perfect' seating plan, your guest will never have to be aware of  your labor of love with these beautiful place cards. 
Perch these eye-catching, imaginative, paper beauties on the rims of your signature drink to help guests find their spot at the table. Not only will they warm up your table- they make for great conversation-starters.
Each card is handmade and personalized, by Timeless Paper,  for your special wedding event. 

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