What would you do...

... with this {amazing} paper art?

While on my Friday 'blogstroll' this morning, I strolled onto one of the places that always makes me smile, whenever I am visiting. While reading through the pictureque posts, my heart gave pause when I came to rest on this one. And as the post suggests, some things are truly awesome, truly amazing and truly magical! Then the planner in me kicked into high gear, wondering - "how I would incorporate the use of such beautiful paper art pieces in an event?" Uhmmm. Envision, if you will, a six tiered pastry stand filled with hundreds of your favorite cupcakes--each one meticulously enclosed within these beautiful papercut art pieces. Envision, yet but again, a well appointed escort table/tree/wall, draped in the finest of linens, topped by these awe-inspiring works of paper art ornately engraved with the name of your invited guests.

I have imagined using these dainty but powerful heart stopping art pieces, as an element, in at least a million {slight exaggeration} design scenerios. I am interested in knowing, how would you incorporate this desing element in your wedding event?

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