What's on {Your} Hand...

(photo via here::special thanx}

Now, I must admit.  I, like most women, just {luv} beautifully unique jewelry pieces.  The more interesting and one-of-a-kind, the more magnetic it is to me.  That's why, when I saundered by these uniquely 'fruitful' wearable finger food rings, I had to write about them.  From the crevices of the artistically creative mind of Cathy, comes these daintly, delicate wearable creations.  Made from dried fruit- yes, real dried fruit- these succulent pieces ordinarily reserved for pies will certainly raise eyebrows from nearby admirers. 

I remember, some time ago, making purchasing chains of these aromatic dried fruits from the boutique kitchen shoppes.  Eagerly, I would rush home, taking in the fragrances of the seasonal delight and carefully hang my newly purchased treasures.  The sight of the dried fruit was shear art and the  fragrances were head-swirling.

I haven't smelled this little jewels, but I'd be willing to bet that the experience would be nostalgic.  Who would need perfume?  Each ring has a equally as beautiful, matching necklace.  It's your choice to make them a part of your bridal attire, but rest assured, they will be well received by your bridesmaids.

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