What You Should Know ....

...about Your Marriage

The question has been asked and the planning is underway.  The excitement is mesmerizing, the anticipation almost unbearable.  The planning process certainly has its ups and downs, its highs and lows - peppered with the many visions  for that special day.  Each vendor meeting, venue visit and cake tasting has brought about a new, sometimes trying learning experience.  During this planning process, there are a few essentials that should not get lost in the planning.  One of which is YOUR  'financial fitness'.
    Yes, financial fitness!  I know, your financial fitness is the last thing on your wedding 'to-do' list.  But it is very necessary... so here we go!
                                                   5   Things Every Married Women
                                           Should Know About Marriage & Money

  Know What is in the marital estate.  If you and your honey have (or plan to have) established any joint accounts, be sure to stay vigilant in knowing account balances.  Know the value is worth of your home and pension. 


If, going into the marriage, you and/or your spouse own a business
(rather individually and/or jointly) determine the value of the business at the start of and during the marriage.  Same rule holds true if a business is acquired during the marriage.

Keep your health insurance current.  You owe it to each other to be in the healthiest and fittest state that you can be.  Besides, financial fitness feels great, especially when you are in great health! 

Be selfish!  About YOUR inheritances and  family 'gifts'.  If you have a family heirloom and/or inheritance already established in your name - be selfish.  Leave it in your name.  If you have transferred those personal assets into a joint account, transfer them back into YOUR account.  If, down the line, you and your spouse want to delve into some home improvements (or the like), resist the temptation to use these assets as leverage.  Some things you just have to be downright selfish about.

Last, but certainly not least, establish YOUR own credit, in YOUR own name.  This one is as simple as the lyrics to this popular song  - 'God bless the child that got his own...'

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