Things That I'm Loving Now...

Through a process known as spherification, bars will soon
be able to serve tiny edible balls filled with Cointreau into
a Cosmopolitan or a flute of Champagne....
more (by Pete Wells-N.Y.TIMES)

Serve your decadent sweet treats with this "nine inch heel". Okay, so it's not really nine inches of stilletto, but it's nothing short of "clever". "Soled" by Uncommon Goods, they describe this whimsical, but extremely functional, creation as-

"Slide this sexy server under your cake to formalize any event. This stunning stainless steel cake server has a magnetic "heel" on its handle that transforms this utensil into a size seven slide shoe. The heel comes off for serving and washing, but isn't everything a little bit sexier in a heel?"

Form really does follow function...and oh so cleverly!!! *wink*

A few favorites from MOMA

How about this "uber" finger candy? The jewel on the left is a metallic "diamond" and the rendition seen below is made from acrylic. These would

surely make a pleasant surprise on the ring bearer's pillow. Or what a delight serving double duty as a place card/favor for you guests. The Max.5 Book Light can also pull double duty. Let's see,... cluster several on your guest tables, in a dimly lit room and... or... set them at your guests place setting, couple with the latest read and...
or... well, as I said, the possibilities are endless...!!!!

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