Surviving the "Little" Stuff...

Every great "Game Plan" has a backup plan. A.K.A., "Plan B", "Rain Plan", "Go To Plan" or "Survival Plan". While planning your Event, your Event Coordinator is sure to have his/her own- "Survival Kit" that will rare its head in times of dire need. Your Coordinator's kit is only used to rescue those situations that have, otherwise been carefully planned for, but fall under the catagory of "Murphy's Law". We, Coordinators know, that if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. And the best-laid plans will not stop that which is inevitably going to occur. Our Survival Kit's is our silent assistant. As such, it's job is to assist us in producing an Event that is seamlessly flawless. We keep various and sundry items that are capable of performing multiple duties...if called upon to do so. For example, clear nail polish works double-duty to save stockings that have minor runs; as well as, its traditional use of covering talons , for a clean, just manicured appearance. Krazy glue functions to, both, re-attach broken nails, repair broken shoe heels and/or for almost all "broken" situations.

To the rescue...for those couples who want to possess the trade secret...three 'Must-Have' Survival Kits :
"The Wedding Day Survival Kit"

The "Get Hitched without a Hitch- Grooms Kit"
The "Bridesmaids Essential Survival Kit"

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