It's not Business... It's Personal...

Resource One:Peter Starck 'Ghost Chairs'

Hosts of today's Events are getting personal !!! Gone are the bland bouquet table and dull chairs of yesteryear. Event and Party Vendors are giving Guests "Something To Talk About"!!! There are thousands of ways to

personalize your event. Everything from the mood relayed to your invited Guests, when they receive their cus-
tomized invitations, to the
roadster used to take you away from your "never to be forgotten soiree", is now receiving the signature touch of the event host/planner. From lighting to table accoutrements, it's all about what is you !!! Custom table linen and embellishments are not longer taking a back seat". (Sash Pendant: here and below -Fabric Jewelry)

Linens and chair treatments are being given as much attention as centerpieces, favors and table elements. Above are a small examples of how you can '' dress up" your table and make it one of the 'WOW' factors of your event. Elements of this trend run the gamut of whimisical - like the martini pendant- to elegant, like that of the exquisitely bejeweled sash pendant above. Both of these 'must-have items' are available at Fabric Jewelry. Peter Starck's-"Ghost Chair" - one of many of the unique chair selections available at New York-based- Resource One- delivers a clean, uncluttered look while enhancing custom lighting. And for that 'Art Deco' soiree (seen above, far right)...Victorious Events of New York delivers on the latest in fabric--spandex!!

With so many choices of elements that you can use to make your event your signature... the event world can safely say that "bland" is definitely not a choice!!

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