For most of you, February 14th is special because it is- VALENTINE'S DAY!! For me; however, this day holds a more special meaning. For me, this was THE day of the year that brought me the most joy... That was until Friday February 16th 2007 !! You see, now my life is filled

with joy on both of these extra-special, extra-ordinary days!! And it is for this reason.
Some years in the past (I will let my daughter divulge how many of those years ago), I was
blessed, not only with a shot from cupids arrow
on February 14th, but also with a life "more pre-
cious than gold"-- my daughter--Ashley.
Just when life was fulfilling, especially with the likes of an adult daughter (now, we swap
stories about meaningful relationships; instead
of stories of fable), Ashley blessed me with a little person, aptly named--Beautiful. Beautiful has renewed my believe in "all things good in the world..." Both Ashley and Beautiful have brought me more "heart-filled" joy than any fine bottle of wine, or pleasureable ounce of chocolate.

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Posh Goddess™ said...

What a very nice blog entry! Thanks for the kind words and the birthday shout-outs! I don't mind your viewers knowing that I am 25! Age is a blessing, because with it comes wisdom, experience, and more beauty! This blog is blossoming in a very stylish and professional way. I enjoy the the whole look and feel of it from the chic music to the wonderful articles you write. Keep up the GREAT work and much more success is on the way!!