Should I Get Married Away?

{Photo of Turks & Caicos Tourist Board & article via instyle wedding::special thanx}

Q. What kind of bride is best suited to plan a destination wedding?

A. It certainly helps if you are both organized and comfortable relinquishing some control over the details. "You have to be well prepared and a lot more adaptable," says JoAnn Gregoli, an N.Y.C. planner who has overseen weddings throughout the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean. "If you forget something, you can't go back and get it." Also understand that if you get married on an island or in a small town, you probably won't be able to order exactly what you had envisioned (that applies to flowers, food, drinks, music, linens, even chairs). "You need to know what flowers are native to the region," says Gregoli, "and be OK working with those choices."

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