Everything & Then Some...

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Can't quite keep all of the papers straight? The fitting is when, the shower is where? Need a personalized organizer will keep you on top of all of the 'hecticness'? Are the wedding organizers in the bookstore are too cookie cutter {not to mention- pricey}? If only you could create your own {Wedding} Planner. To the rescue, your very own D.I.Y. wedding organizer! Chock full of all the essential planning worksheets, you will not miss another cake tasting, dress fitting or bridal party! These worksheets are catagorized into individual templates, so that you only use those that you need--no extra clutter. Personalize them to fit your wedding planning lifestyle.


Terrica :: Fabuluxe Events said...

What an awesome find! Thanks for sharing!

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

Thanx for stopping by. Couldn't pass up sharing this gem of an idea :D.