The Majic* is in the Brand..

{Couture} Photography::
We've visited the subject of photo styling for your wedding pics before. We've Trashed the Dress, blinged the Rings and have taken it to the Sheets. Here's the thing, every bride is looking for that 'majic' {mispell intended} that will brand her event as 'the bomb event of the decade'! Why not make your brand in the detail--photo op detail. At one time or another, we've all dropped in on America's Top Model, and oogled at the unique, off the 'mo-heezy' photo shots that the models are put through. And, okay, we may not be fifty feet tall, but that's not the point. The point-- what takes these beauties to the next level is not only the amazing make up {that for another post} or the to-die-for couture clothing, {BUT}, the fantastically imaginative styling of their photo shoots!!. So, while you are checking off the credentials {albeit important} of your event photographer, add photo style to your checklist of 'must haves'.

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