{Wed} iquette Wednesday

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You can call me...
Once he pops the question, today's bride has many, many choices and decisions to make. Some of those decisions, in weddings past, were considered 'no brainers'. The usual big decisions are {in no specific order}: when is the event? where will the event be held? who will be invited?, etc... The decision that was once always taken for granted has been the taking of the husband-to-be's sir name by his bride.
Play it forward to...let's say...ahhh...today! The taking of the groom's sir name is no longer a given. Bride's, for a number of reasons, are opting to do some ingenous manuevering with this issue of 'self-title'. Some of questions that today's brides ask themselves when they are trying to find a solution to this new name game are: do I take his sir name?hyphenate?don't hyphenate?make my sir name a middle name & add his as a last name?don't take his name at all? ...Oh the choices!! If you are grappling with this issue, perhaps a little insight from this article may help you out. But, in the mean time...good luck with this detail.

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