{More} Girls Night Out...

Although airfare and travel costs are declining {albeit, slowly}, many Brides are staying close to home when planning peripheral Wedding Parties. So when this fantastic e-mail arrived in my box, I knew that I had to share it. The owners of Tranquil Space Yoga, is offerring a 15 day yoga 'passport' adventure. Now, their promo is to launch the New Year with a 'fresh start' through yoga; however, after reading it, my planner wheels started turning and thought..."what a wonderful way to spend with the Ladies in your bridal party. Follow each cleansing class with a rejuvenating spa package treatment, located nearby, and everyone will be ready and relaxed for any challenges that may arise!! If you live in or near Dupont Cirlce area of Washington, DC; Bethesda ,Maryland or Arlington, Virginia areas, stop in and begin your zen experience.

{click photo to access TranquilSpace site}

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