{Wed} iquette Wednesday


You've taken care of the who, what and when. Now it's time for the wear. Finding the perfect gown is a cherished rite of passage during the arduous planning of your wedding. Before you plop down that large chunk of cash for "The Dress", give some thought to your personal style. There are two rules are thumb when it comes to this:*You want to look like yourself on your wedding day. Stay true to your personality and personal taste. And, *choose a gown that looks good on you. You may have fallen for the idea of the strapless gown; however, if baring your arms and decolletage is not within your comfort zone, then this is definitely not your dream gown.
While shopping for the all-important dress keep a couple of things in mind. Hit the bridal ateliers with your own bridal 'look book'. This prized book contains magazine clippings, photos from other weddings, fabric swatches and color palettes. Bring along anything that will get your concept of your perfect dress across to the sales staff. Be completely candid and frank about your budget from the start. This saves a lot of time and heartache {nothing like spending lots of time on a dress that you'll never purchase}.

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