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The Broke-ass Bride::
The blogger extraordinaire of this weeks dynamic and information-packed Bridal Blog is thirty year old, Los Angelos residence, Dana. Dana and her fiance' Hunter have been dating since October 2002 when five years later- in October 2007, he popped the question...and of course, she said yes! Now they have a fabulous May 2009 wedding planned that Dana creatively chronicles under the moniker of 'The Broke-Ass Bride.The Broke-Ass Bride blog features loads of advice, personal glimpses into her world, planning tips and lots of fun/funny anecdotals along the way.
Dana and Hunter have dreamed up a magical wedding theme, along with beautiful custom colors and a to-die for venue! Her posts takes you into her world of wedding planning, where, early in their engagement, she and Hunter were 'dancing stars' of their own right-- for the very elegant and reknown bridal magazine, 'Bride & Bloom'. As selected guests of the magazine were asked to test drive bridal shoes vs dancing shoes...they even got to keep the shoes!!!{How cool is that?!}.
Dedicated to the 'Greening of the Earth', Dana & Hunter's wedding will be 'a green' wedding. Although they have won many couple competitions, THIS ONE is nearest & dearest to their life's { and wedding} mission. Give them some luv & support and cast your vote for them...here's the detail {yes, this is a shameless Steibel promotion}.
She describes her budget as 'tiny', her love as 'huge' but her 'Altar Ego' has been lifted by many. Let me count the ways: writer in resident at,both, Elizabeth Anne Designs and in 'the hive' at Wedding Bee, offers up bridal tips on The Brides Guide. She's a 'Bridal Wishpot Expert', a 'must see' at Bliss Weddings and an author at Unbride.
And if all of this is not enough, her blog is the recipient of many awards including; Divine Caroline award, the Uber award and the Kreativ Blogger award, the Bookworm award ...now I know that I'm missing a few...um-m-m...
With all of this energy, insight and creativity, I will definitely stay tuned to the Broke-Ass Bride Part 2 ...AKA... The Mrs Blog!
CONGRATULATIONS Dana for being this week's Bridal Blog of the Week!!!
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Globetrottingbride said...

One of my favorite, favorite bloggers! Congrats Dana!!!!!

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...


Isn't she fabulous!! Definitely a shoe-in for this week's Bridal Blog!! I absolutely {luv} her blog:D

Thanx for stopping by...do come again:D

AmyJean said...

Dana is inspirational... she's sweet, full of great ideas and more than that so fun and clever! Great choice!


Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

Hey AmyJean,

No truer words...from one Bridal Blogger of the week to another:D

Thanx for stopping by...stop in again & bring your friends