{Wed} iquette Wednesday

By now you've seen the commercials. You know, the commercials sporting the H&R Block brand...the commercials where everyone, except one cool,calm individual is sweating bullets. And why is the 'cool guy' cool? Because...'he has people'. This is the kind of cool that you want to have on your wedding day. And just how does that happen? Aside from having a great Planner, 'Team Bride' is definitely the trusted friends you and your Fiance' have selected to help you celebrate this very important time of your lifes.
Let's take a look at your people and what they contribute so that you don't sweat ::

Maid Of Honor aka {MOH}::
can be a sister or oldest and most loyal friend. She is the one who knows when to tell you what you want to hear, but, tactful enough to be brutally honest. The main duties of the MOH is to plan the shower & the bachlorette party. She is,also responsible for keeping the Bridesmaids' activities running smoothly. She may be asked to make a toast,both at the rehearsal dinner and the reception. She is your main go-to person for motivation/moral support and to help keep things organized. She serves as your witness at the signing of the marriage license.
Best Man
he is your Groom's brother or best and most loyal friend who will not party too hard after the rehearsal dinner- or the bachlor's party. In some parts of the country it is customary for the groom to choose his father to serve as his best man. The best man takes care of all bachelor events while providing support to the Groom. He is the Groom's main go-to man for motivation/moral support. He is responsible for getting the wedding rings to the chapel. And he kicks off the toasts at, both, the rehearsal dinner and the reception. He is the second witness to the signing of the marriage license.
Negative, needy drama-queens need not apply! Bridesmaids are fun friends who will still be in your life long after the dress. As members of 'Team Bride' , bridesmaids will participate in all of the pre-wedding events. They are also required to dance 'The Macarana' at the reception, wear those 5" stilettoes {with a smile}, run errands, attend tastings, site visits, bridal parties and/or other important/pertinent bridal meetings. These beauties are often escorted down the aisle on the arms of your Groomsmen, during the ceremony. Out of town bridesmaids can get a pass on most parties, but, they still must send a gift for the shower. They are not!:whipping posts, battering rams or emotionally void robots. That being said, remember that, foremost, they are your friends {no lecture intended}.
this handsome posse is often comprised of old friends, cousins and, both, the Bride and Groom's brothers. These gentlemen can assist with seating invited guests during the ceremony, act as ushers at a very large weddings, run small pre-wedding errands on the wedding day and most popularly, escort your Bridesmaids down the aisle during the ceremony.
Flower Girl
this adorable little girl is usually between the ages of three and six years of age. Other than to look cute, her major role is to scatter all of those beautiful flowers along the aisle just before your grand entrance. If it makes her more comfortable, she can perform this duty with the Ringbearer by her side. Word of caution:: as cute and adorable as this age group can be, remember that, their behavior can be both unpredictable and not easily directed. The most engaging child can suffer a bad case of stage fright when placed before one hundred strangers.
Ring Bearer
Criteria for the job: a boy who is young enough to wear knickers, saddle shoes and long kneesocks {and not be deemed a Glamour Magazine-"DON'T"}. He is responsible for getting the 'ring' down the aisle {even if the ring is a darn good look-alike. Well, you don't really want to entrust that carat and a half to a four year old?}. Also, if he or your precious Flower Girl are stage shy, he can perform his promenade down the aisle in her company.
So there you have it...YOUR PEOPLE!! and remember...don't let them see you sweat!
{oh!, that's another product commercial!}


AmyJean said...

It's always nice to know that I've got people! Thanks for the reminder! :)

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

Hey AmyJean,

Thanx for stopping by :-)

...nothing like having GREAT 'peeps'