The Perfect Marriage...

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Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hmmm... perfect question, Lady? Do you know that in few days it's my 21st wedding anniversary? 24 yrs together.

TY for dropping by and I really appreciate it. Hope to see you and of course me in your site.


Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

Ritchies 2ts Inspires,

A Very Happy 24 Year! That's fantastic! I know that you are planning something spectacular for the Silver Anniversary!

Thanx for stopping by my part of the blogsphere

Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for the follow. Following back your lovely blog.

Hazel said...

That's a wise reply :)

Thanks for dropping by my nook.

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

@ Veronica
@ Hazel

there IS something warm & fuzzy to know that someone feels this intensely

thanx for stopping by space in the blogosphere...see you soon

Badrouchka said...


just passed by ur blog and followed it.
LOVE IT !!! really inspiring..

Please check mine out when you have time, Thank you !!!

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...


...this is quite the romantic thing...

Luvinnnnn' it!

Thanx for the blog luv & the 'follow'