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....Friday Weddings

There is a fast growing trend of betrothed couples.... tying the knot on Friday.

Wedding planners across the country are noticing an increase in Friday bookings, despite Saturday ceremonies being the norm. So what is driving this rapidly growing trend? Is it because Fridays weddings are preferred more for destinations venues or in this day of being recession-conconscious (even for Platinum wedding Brides), it is downright more economical? The general opinion of Brides, Wedding Planners and Guests holds both pros and cons.

Rather it is a couples budget parameters or the favor of many destination venues one has to ponder the effect of this new trend on, both, couples and their guests.  Will your guests welcome your Friday decision?  After all, what a better way to get a three day weekend.  Or will they scowl at the prospect of having to use a  vacation day to attend your fabulous event?  A Friday wedding affords couples loads of perks not realized before.  Reduced vendor cost may allow for an upgrade in most planning areas: an upgrade to a lavish venue and  a finer dining experience or boudoir pictures (added to your photo package).

According to a Betty Blogger, "For couples looking to get married despite the recession, a Friday booking date looks awfully appealing if costs will be lower and dreams won’t be compromised". Couples who have their sights set on destination venues as the backdrop for their wedding, are finding that Friday weddings leaves them with an entire weekend that they can spend enjoying the venue with their guests. 

One major obstacle that seems to be a recurring them to wedding held on Friday is traffic.  With more vehicles than ever on the highways, it is not entirely unheard of to have members of the bridal stuck in traffic - when they should be at the ceremony venue!  Imagine the anxiety of having a vendor late, or worse yet, stuck in traffic, with you waiting to start your big event.

Whatever the motivator for a Friday wedding, couple should take into consideration the pluses and minuses to, both them and their invited guests when selecting this trendy date.

Have you attended a Friday wedding?
What do you think about this growing trend?  Leave a comment.  I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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