Wedi- {quette}:: What to Call the In-Laws?

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Unsure as to what to call your future in-laws? Up until your engagement, you've been addressing them in a certain manner. So after the wedding and when you are officially related), what then?

Emily Post, the guru of etiquette advises that you continue to address them exactly the way that you have been. You have been addressing them in a manner that is acceptable to them, continue to do so until they suggest otherwise.  Some  married couples refer to their in-laws by their first names.  If prior to the wedding you are referring to your in-laws in a formal way, perhaps (after you are married and your in-laws have not suggested a less formal address) you can ask them what they would like for you to address them.  The main objective here is to establish a form of salutation that is comfortable and respectful to all parties.

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