Keeping the {Bridezella} in check...

This one is for the Groom...

So you finally got down on that one knee and proposed. You tell yourself, this woman is the love of my life. The very element of my being. The reason that I live each day. She has restored your faith in this thing called love, by being the rock that you have come to depend upon when the time are hard, when you need a rationale, unbiased opinion. This soft, tender understanding person has supported, both, your great decisions and your not-so great decisions. All this, with a smile.

So who is this 'bridezella' and where do they nap? Certainly your gentle, kind and emotionally supportive Bride does not, nor could ever fit the bill of being a "Bridezella"!

Well, for all of you fella's who are scratching your heads and wondering how this impossible, attitudinal, mean tempered, short fused woman is made-- here is the formula::

Yes Guys, the moment you put that eye-catching diamond on your otherwise, reasonable woman, you may have stirred up the ingredients of a real "Bridezella"! Your otherwise soft and loving woman when given the opportunity to don that spectacular once-in-a-lifetime gown is elevated to a tempermental, out of control, attitude-Goddess {to the third power!}. Add in the nine months to a year of planning that you have ahead of you---you have the formula for a monster-sized "Bridezella".

So now what? How do you maintain your sanity, not to mention your composure, when you are dealing with this out of control, temperamental women {that you have fallen in love with and wish to spend the rest of your life}? My friends have just the answers for you. With strategies that will teach you how to save yourself, quell the temperment and help her keep her eyes on the prize, you will be armed {heavily} with the ammunition that you need to get you down the altar and onto the honeymoon! Act fast before you are turned into a sniffling pile of compliant mush!

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