There Goes the Bride...

{Cast of the Rainbow Dinner Theatre's "There Goes the Bride:" Rachel Blauberg as the bride with assorted wedding guests Craig A. Smith (left), Theresa Walker, Joe Winters, Sherry Konjura, Scott Russell, Lois Sharrott and John DeLancey}

If you find yourself in or near Central Pennsylvania, more specifically--Lancaster, PA, you must stop in at The Rainbow Dinner Theatre to see this frantically funny comedy about love, marriage and the 'upper crust'. Now playing, this amusingly hilarious comedy started 5 May, and runs to 1 August. Go and join this spectacular cast of characters for the wedding of the year! As a socially prominent family prepares to wed their daughter to the son of an equally upper-crust set of in-laws to be, what's the worst that could happen?
You can't even imagine!
After an unexpected whack on the head, the father of the bride begins seeing a 1920's flapper, unfortunately no one else can! This makes the new in-laws very nervous and when the bride lets slip that she is already acquainted with the birds and the bees, the wedding is almost called off. Just when you think it's on, it gets called off again and again, each time for reasons zanier than the last. RSVP with your reservation for one of the funniest shows in years.

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