{Wedding} Themes

the gangster-themed wedding, a mug shot for the crime “marriage in the first degree"::

Sarah Feldman and Jeffrey Laite found true love while boarding a Manhatten passenger train one morning in January 2007. They dated for about three weeks before they ordered the words of "love" to one another, and then on his birthday the following year, Jeffrey Laite offerred the prosposal of marriage.
"They were married March 29 at Providence, a restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, which was decorated with all sorts of kitschy memorabilia, most of it culled from the bride’s private collection. The wedding had a “party like it’s 1929” theme, Ms. Feldman said. “A soulful era of contrasts: innocence and sin, optimism and cynicism, soft hearts and hard times.” The approximately 90 guests, were encouraged to dress in period costume and they posed for mug shots. Then, a 1930’s-style fedora perched on his head, Mr. Laite stood with his bride before Jen Laskey, a Universal Life minister, and recited his vows in gangster-ese: 'You make me smile with my heart.' " {read original article...}

Don't you just love the sweeping updo, ala' Lucille Ball and the racy, vintage back-corsetted gown...so untraditionally stunning.

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