Has the Swine Flu Put Your Wedding Plans on Hold ?......

{photo via::Michael Appleton for The New York Times}
Around the nation, drugstores have sold out of surgical masks. Schools have closed, sports games have been called off, and doctors’ offices — and their phone lines — are jammed. The truly anxious confess that they are trying to avoid touching elevator buttons, library books and the knobs on bathroom sinks. All due to the recent swine flu {aka: N1H1 virus} outbreak. Although, at the time of this post, there has not been any official ban on travel, travel to Mexico has all but dwindled to a stand still as the administration has advised against unnecessary air travel to and from Mexico.
With this second wave of wedding season well under way, one can only imagine the impact of this unforeseen occurrence on all of the couples who have spent countless hours of time planning for their wedding event. Many, of whom, have certainly booked honeymoon get-aways to Mexicok this, otherwise, vacation paradise.
Have you had to change, or worst yet, cancel any part of your wedding event because of this widespread flu epidemic? If so, how are the destination vendors handling rescheduling or refunding your event? What financial impact is this outbreak having on your bottom line and on the bottom line of your invited guests?
Share your comments and solutions with other couples who may sharing your nightmare. We loved to hear your story and the creative solutions that has helped you through this.
{photos via::Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times}

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