Celebrity Apprentice Style Jewelry...

After advancing to The Celebrity Apprentice final, savvy business woman & celebrity Joan Rivers steeled herself for the competition of a lifetime. With grace, poise, integrity and style, she outsmarted, outwitted and played world reknown poker champion Annie Duke. By the show's end, it was all but obvious the good won over evil, rendering Joan this season's Celebrity Apprentice.

Here's my question... were you paying attention to the fabulous gems that Joan wore during the entire series? These pieces were stunning and beyond flattering. Granted, if you are meek at heart and do not like the attention, then these, larger than life jewels are not for you. But of course, with your wedding just around the corner, you definitely want to shine brighter than that two carat ring that your fiance' gifted you with.

The great news...you too, can sport these over the top, celebrity status pieces from Joan's "Board Room Collection" on your day. What's that? Oh...the price? Can you say 'economic stimulus affordable'? Start ordering now so that you will be sure to sport them on your 'red carpet' day.

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