Fit for Life... And Your Event !

Couple a healthy, well rounded diet with a rigous exercise routine - done regularly - is a surefire prescription for looking your best for your upcoming Event. As the hosts of the lavish,

detailed events that we meticulously plan, there is one very important, albeit special, detail that we must be certain not to overlook--- being in the best physical condition for you long awaited gala. Whether you have the luxury of time, several months or just a few short weeks, your self esteem (not to mention your physique) will sky rocket by starting a healthy eating and exercise program. And, as with any exercise program that you embark on, be sure to check in with your physician, first.

The general rule of thumb, is 30 continuous minutes of cardio activity, for at least 3-4 times a week. Make your cardio routine fun and varied. Activities can run the gamut from following along in an aerobic routine (in the comfort of your home), the traditional tried and true health club cardio classes and/or completing some much needed rigorous household chore (FYI: energetic vacuuming or gardening can use up to 450 calories/hour !)
Adding strength training to your cardio work out, serves as a turbo-boost to your fitness program. Strength training can really make an impact to reaching your fitness goals all while sculpting a strong, beautiful physique. Strength training is also just the reason to hire that

Personal Trainer who will assure that you are on the right track. An alternative to traditional weight training techniques is Pilates. Pilates, emphasizes 'core' body strength and is equally as effective as traditional weight traing routines.
Rounding out the exercise triad is the flexibility component. Great for boosting general fitness levels; as well as, increasing joint flexibility, and acting as nature's reminder of the need for inner 'quiet' is yoga. At its most gentle, yoga helps to improve posture and , at a power level, it burns more than 200 calories per hour.

Finally, set goals that are realistic, measureable and attainable. Remember that being physically fit is not about an occasion, but, very much about a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, you will be greeting guests and dancing the night away- in your new 'fit', svelte and healthy physique !!!

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