That magical time is now upon us. The first quarter of the year, where you can bet, that all of the college basketball
obsessed fans are posted, either, at their favorite watering hole, sporting venue, or ticketed seats.
Its the time for brackets, bubbles, bets and excited fans intently listening to the smooth color commentary of the always-energetic Dick Vitales.
Its also a great time, for those of us who are puzzled by all of the hoopla (pun intended*), to take advantage of the opportunity to bask in the quiet, relaxing and soothing ambience of a day spa.
With menus that run the gamut from fortifying skincare treatments to medi spa enhancements, there is a regime for everyone.
So, while the guys are bonding over this eagerly awaited sporting 'extravanga', why not take this long overdue time, either, in solitude (no guilt allowed) or with friends (who are probably long overdue as well)

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