Well, I finally did it !!! It was the allure of the crowd, the appeal of the jargon... okay, okay... it was plan old-fashioned curiosity. I had to see what the hoopla was about surrounding this new fangled McPhone!!! After caressing this wonder of the electronic age {I've been watching those close to me who seem very enamoured by it all} I too became transfixed by the ease which which I could move from one function to the other. Amazing !!! just flick your finger and the screen rolls with the smoothness of melting butter on a hot crust roll !!! As I tried one function after another after another.... I found myself slowly formulating the many reasons that I needed this {wonder} gadget. One hour later, as the assistant in this media boutique awakened me from my ponderings with these few words ...'Miss, are you going to take it, because we will be closing in a few minutes'. As I snapped back to reality, I quickly responded- " I need to get Cryssi's opinion about this..."

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