A-H-H, Spring at last!!! The beginning of the end of everything Winter. The renewed scent of warmth in air that has been freshly cleaned by nature's spa. The symphonic melody of our kite friends, returning from their Winter's sequester. Longer days, shorter nights, children running and screaming in jubilation - celebrating in the welcomed warmth that the season brings. SPRING, a time of rejuvenation from the claustrophobic nature of Winter. A new beginning, new hope, new attitude. Spring signals a time of regrowth, rebirth, renewal. It's nature's reward for enduring the dormancy that it bestows upon us during the Winter solstice.

In the words of the famous Stevie Wonder-- "everything must change, nothing stays the same...". Never is it more evident than in the change of the seasons. For me, the onset of Spring is a sign of that renewal, rejuvenation and growth. Spring-- the beginning of new things.

In celebration of this new season of growth and renewal, Pearls of Wisdom, LLC is preparing to 'put on a new face'. Our blog will be getting a facelift. We will continue to bring to you the newest, innnovative and 'must have' information, items and features. Because we love to hear more from you, we will be adding new interactive features to our blog.

We will be 'springing forward' in this new season of change--with the goal of bringing you a fresh, new and useful information.

Help us celebrate the re-launch of our blog site---it will be All Dressed Up for * Spring *

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