The Groom Gets a Cake?

Anne Heap's success at Pink Cake Box has opened up the door for Pink Cake Box to serve a wide variety of clients including corporate events, bridal shows, wedding cakes for the renowned Park Avenue Club of NJ, and local charities in the Morristown, NJ area. Her wedding cakes have also been featured in several national and local magazines including Modern Bride, Brides NJ, NJ Bride, People Magazine, and Morris magazine.{direct editorial from Lorraine Ash of the Daily Record }

Everyone is fully aware that the crowning jewel at a wedding reception is the ceremony cake. And we are also aware that, throughout the planning process, the bride will typically get her fair share of this delicious dessert.
But are you aware that, historically, the groom is also entitled to his own cake {a.k.a} The Groom's cake?
Below are just a sampling of Anne Heap's Groom's Cakes that have been pleasing couples who frequent her New Jersey shoppe.

for the B-K lover in him

'... I'm coming to get you my love...'

for the groom whose reality if 'Sci-Fi'

he'll strum a few bars...

Judging from the testimonials from Anne's more than satisfied customers, this pastry stylist will be making grooms happy for many years to come. {FYI} to guarantee that your specialty cake is ready for its debut, be sure to contact Anne early in your planning phase.
Here are a few tips to make you cake tasting delectable :: {1} obtain a flavor list from the pastry chef {2} bring photos... {again} bring photos of your cake vision {3} in love with your pastry chef's rendition of your cake--'sign the contract' {4} your {planner} will handle to the details of delivery & return of rented items {5} let your cake be the crowning jewel at the reception {6} ... and 'let them eat cake'...


Joanna Goddard said...

that is so cute! my friend's husband had an alligator cake at their wedding and he was super into it :)

thanks for commenting on my blog. so nice of you to say hellO!

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...


The guys {love} these cakes...
some get ve-r-r-y creative...