{PinUp Girl} Bridal Shower Theme...

You've racked your brain in search of a unique theme for your Wedding event. Why not have a themed Bridal Shower or Girl's Night Out! I have just the theme for you. Show off that hot body that you have whipped into shape by having a PINUP GIRL theme party. Complete with make-up, coiff, couture and stilettos. Add a photographer to the mix who will give you great pics and you have yourself an instant party--filled with all of the trappings of a '40's juke joint throwdown!!


Lulu said...

Absoltuely love the pin-up fashions - soooooo flattering and chic. we love pinupgirlclothing.com and thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. Our lip balms were recently displayed in a "Sex in the City" type bridal shower and they were a real hit!

Release Your Inner Pinup - Naturally!

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

Hi Lulu,
Thanx for stopping by.
Aren't those dressed 'do die for retro!:D
I {luv} your site/store...what a variety of balms...yummy, I'm sure.
And the music sets the tone perfectly. I joined the list so that I don't miss a thing!!