{Wed} iquette Wednesday

Flowers Flowers Everywhere:: The ceremony was magical, the reception breathtaking. Your guests have enjoyed all of the signature details that have come to define your special day. The last song has been played and the last dance danced. Your send off was unforgettable and now its on to the honeymoon. {Scre-e-ech}Hold up, wait a minute. Just because the celebration in over doesn't mean all is done. When the party is over, the host is almost always left with the cleanup. Your event is no exception.What to do with all of the details that have now become left overs of your soiree?

Well, let's talk about your gorgeous flowers. Yes, every one of those magnificent floral arrangements--except your bouquet. When the celebration is over, if you have no preset plans to use ceremony and reception flowers again, recycle them!
Some of suggestions::
** have the centerpiece from the reception delivered to a loved one who was unable to attend the event. Add a loving message and VOILA!'- instant love
**arrange to have your florals delivered to a local hospital/senior living facility/local charity
or public building {such as the town hall, local library}
**another choice is to offer to leave your florals for the next worship service in celebration of your marriage.

This is my very short list of 'flowers going green', add a comment about how you would recycle your florals.

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